Ex Police Officer Mark Sexton: “PCR Test is Deliberately Contaminated”

Following Mark Sexton’s appeal a reader has sent a letter to Greewich Council and the police with the evidence:

I would be grateful to you for placing the attached document with the Council Leader and Director of Public Health. It indicates serious problems with the PCR and LF tests being promoted by the Council. See this reference:


There is profound danger to the whole community and especially to our children. They need to be discontinued immediately and urgent investigation begun as to how our children could have been submitted to biological weapons assault. You will be receiving the notice in the post. The Police is being included in this communication. I am placing with them evidence of the complicity of the Council – in particular of the Council Leader and Director of Health – with biological weapon assault. Please acknowledge this letter. The matter concerns the Health and Wellbeing Board, the CCG and the Overview and Scrutiny Panel. Can I rely on you to ensure all members are apprised of this urgent and life-threatening matter?

Analysis of PCR Test Swabs