Excess Deaths: ‘End of Life’ Protocols Discussed with Andrew Bridgen

Despite the Covid pandemic being officially over, excess deaths continue to rise. According to official statistics, mortality for the first three quarters of 2023 was 5.5% higher than it was for the same period in 2019. The vast majority of those deaths are not attributed to Covid-19. Leaving aside possible vaccine harms, the rise in deaths caused by delays in screening and diagnosis, and the unfolding NHS crisis, what other possible factors explain these disturbing statistics?

More specifically, what explains excess mortality in our elderly population from May 2021 onwards, after thousands had already died prematurely and the worst of the “Covid deaths” were behind us?

Is there any truth in the claims made by bereaved families and campaigners that it is NHS ‘end of life’ protocols, most particularly NG163 and NG191, that are behind many of the excess deaths we saw during the pandemic and are still seeing now?

The public is rightly demanding answers.

Please join us for this timely debate, as we interrogate the evidence and ask the difficult questions our government and media refuse to ask. (UKACTION/Bitchute)

Let’s not forget what the government did to us! (Together/YT):

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