Government Allows Gender Transition Without Parental Consent

More Agenda 2030 pushed in schools… This is another reason to get your child out of public school.

With gender policies becoming state law, Avi Yemini caught up with Binary’s Kirralee Smith who wants to make people aware of what is happening and what they can do.

A group of protesters gathered outside Victorian Parliament to make their voices heard as the state prepares to head to the polls next month.

With gender policies becoming state law, rally organiser Kirralee Smith of Binary said it was time to act and make people aware of what is happening.

“We’re here to talk about the Victorian education policy that comes under Dan Andrews’ government, that is that children can be ‘transitioned’ at school without parental consent, without medical consultation, which is just mind-boggling,” she said.

“We’re talking about school staff, teachers, counsellors, and other school staff who are not medically trained, not the parents of these children, but if they feel a child wants to transition and isn’t going to get parental support to do so, they can facilitate it.

“The majority of parents are better at raising children than the state. ‘Daddy Dan’ isn’t the best person to bring up our kids. Parents are best placed to bring up their children.”

Smith warned that gender clinics are all too willing to put children on puberty blockers after minimal consultation, which can cause a range of life-long issues she believes children are ill-equipped to comprehend at a young age.

“For Dan Andrews and his government to create this policy where school staff, they’re untrained in these areas, can begin and facilitate the transition of children is dangerous and harmful to these children because there’s not a 2-year-old on Earth that could say to you ‘I don’t want to have sex as an adult’, they don’t know, how would they know?

“If adults don’t take the responsibility and stand up for these children then nobody will, and we’ll see people like Dan Andrews think that he can be a better Daddy than their actual parents.”

Smith is hoping that she can raise enough awareness and is confident from her experience informing parents, that when people are fully aware and can look beyond the gender politics, they will support the Binary movement. (Rebel News/Rumble)

The following text is from the LGBTIQ Student Support on the Education website of the Government of Victoria, Australia:

Parental consent

There may be circumstances in which students wish or need to undertake gender transition without the consent of their parent/s (or carer/s), and/or without consulting medical practitioners.

If no agreement can be reached between the student and the parent/s regarding the student’s gender identity, or if the parent/s will not consent to the contents of a student support plan, it will be necessary for the school to consider whether the student is a mature minor.

If a student is considered a mature minor they can make decisions for themselves without parental consent and should be affirmed in their gender identity at school without a family representative/carer participating in formulating the school management plan. (See:

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