Stop Grooming Our Children

Child abuse has entered schools and other public instititions like libraries, not only through sexualisation and LGBT ideology indoctrination, but also through dodgy appearances such as a drag queen’s story time.

Don’t be surprised—this is all part of Agenda21 and Agenda 2030: Destabilise, demoralise, depopulate…

If you’re a parent, is this what you’ve signed up for? Are you sure you are entrusting your child to the right people?

A reader writes:

…in August we are having Drag Queen Story Time coming to our Cornish libraries. See link below.

This is child sexual grooming I cannot believe they are allowing this to go on in our home town. I have written to the council, town council and MP Derek Thomas so far no reply from any of them. Can you alert parents to this ? People need to know this is going on.

It is aimed at little kids. Can you imagine what that will do to their minds, seeing an obvious man in women’s clothes with false breasts and G-strings like strippers? What is with our council how many dodgy people do we have in our community? (A.)

Sick of Agenda 2030

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How Schools Sexualise Your Children:

“Groomed: How Schools Sexualise Your Children” exposes the worrying degree to which politicised, divisive ideologies – including gender theory, critical race theory, queer theory and “transgender toolkits” – are being taught to our children through Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE). (Reclaim The Media/YT)