How They Did It

By Ray Wilson

Its another Saturday; not a smidgen of blue-fine drizzle permeates the garage; moisture appears unbidden on the tools; and condensation forms drips down from the steel rafters.

What’s the plan, then, Ray?” Rich asks.

It’s a very big question.

“You and your missus spent a long time on the drive Thursday evening before driving off, not rowing, I hope?” Rich nudges me.

“I’ll tell you later: Let’s get the old speed controller apart first and measure the resistor values with the multimeter before we wire up the new box,” I suggest.
I remove the M6 bolts while Rich disconnects the lathe motor.

My brother Steve arrives to take dad shopping.

“It’s back,” he announces, “all over the news, the F-CoV-23 virus is killing cats too.”

“Steve, please,” I take a deep breath, “it’s not what you think it is.”

There are no words; there is nothing I can say. Relentless waves of government-orchestrated mind control remove the ability for critical thinking, so that rational discussion is rendered useless.

“Rich, look, I think I will walk the hound now, and we can finish this when I get back.”

“Sure, Ray,” Rich replies, looking perplexed.

Half an hour later, I am up above the village, walking on the stony ground of Dry Hill.

“Quiet, Pup,” I admonish my hound as she barks and growls at the approaching dog.

“Hello, there,” I say to the woman as the dogs confront each other. I notice that the woman seems unfazed by the tense encounter, her calm demeanour contrasting with my hound’s agitated state. As the dogs eventually settle down, I strike up a conversation with her, curious to learn more about her experience with canine behaviour.

“Let’s walk,” she says.

“I run the therapy centre at the top of the road. We treat children as young as six and adults suffering from ADHD and autism using animals—mainly horses—and I match the animal to the person. It’s a unique and effective approach that we’ve seen great results with. We believe that the connection between animals and humans can have a profound impact on emotional well-being and overall development.”

In the 1970s, I became interested in Kirlian photography to capture a person’s aura as an image, but we all have the innate ability to see auras should we choose without using detection equipment. Recently, many sensitive people have noticed a small but perceivable shift in their ability to see more of the electromagnetic spectrum. This shift in perception can be attributed to various factors, including the overall evolution of human consciousness. As Nikola Tesla said, “The universe is energy. Vibrational energy. All energy vibrates. All matter is energy that has slowed down enough so that we can see it and touch it.” Our perception is changing—what was always there but hidden is now revealed. As our perceptive powers of vision are heightened, much is becoming plain to see. It is not surprising that some individuals are experiencing heightened sensory abilities, such as perceiving auras or seeing beyond the visible light spectrum. There are many reports of darkened auras emanating from politicians and eminent media types. It’s now obvious—without needing the sunglasses, as in the film “They Live”—what and who we are surrounded by.

“I trained in allopathic medicine, but now I use many alternative therapies, including naturopathy and homeopathy,” she explains. “Of course, all disease is anthropogenic.”

“Disease caused by a few people to the detriment of the many for the benefit of those few,” I interject.

“I struggled to come to terms with Terrain theory, but once you understand that Germ theory is not what you are told, all fear goes away,” she explained. “All those years of training—the lies—I am so glad I had the courage to leave the system; many cannot face the ostracism and loss of income. I was so lucky, and I sleep peacefully at night.”

As our understanding of the human body and its interactions with the environment deepens, the sheer depth of corruption and lies in medical practices are becoming more apparent. This has led many individuals to explore alternative therapies and embrace a more holistic approach to health. By acknowledging the impact of external factors on our well-being, such as lifestyle choices and environmental influences, we can better comprehend the concept of disease being anthropogenic. It is through this shift in perspective that fear surrounding illnesses can be alleviated.

The global shadow government has corrupted all human systems—full spectrum domination of territory, water, food, drugs, and all education. Education, which is indoctrination. Full spectrum indoctrination of all our once trusted systems—the justice system—police, courts, and judges so the system is skewed and off kilter—not all justice is equal or fair—dispensed, not according to the truth, to the merits of the case, but to whether or not they are a protected member of the cabal.

“Nice chatting,” I say as she turns back to climb the hill.

I reflect on how, on earth, it came to this. How did they do it? How? How did they manage to infiltrate and manipulate every aspect of our society? How did they successfully implement such a comprehensive indoctrination strategy? Nobody would believe me. I recall conversations over the last three years with colleagues, all to no avail. No matter how much evidence I presented or how compelling my arguments were, they dismissed it all as mere conspiracy theories. It’s frustrating to see how blind and complacent people can be, unwilling to question the status quo and challenge the powers that be. But I won’t give up. We are many, and together we keep searching for the truth and spreading awareness, even if it means standing alone against the cabal’s influence.

There is no rush; why would there be one? The little cabal huddles in the corner of a relatively small room, plotting in hushed whispers. Their eyes dart back and forth, exchanging secretive glances, as they carefully strategise their next move. They are aware of the power they hold within the justice system and use it to their advantage, manipulating outcomes to protect their own interests. Their actions undermine the very foundation of justice, leaving those outside their circle at a significant disadvantage. The atmosphere was charged by the dark, cloying energy, knowing that their plan could change everything.

There is no rush, for there is money aplenty; in fact, it is overflowing from the coffers to the extent of becoming an annoyance. Money in exchange for souls—for fame and fortune—is a standard contract.

The parasites will own the people, and the people will own nothing, letting loosh energy sustain and feed them, feeding off our misery, fear, and low-frequency vibrations.

They, the parasites, know that low, slow frequencies of fear suppress DNA evolution, while high-frequency, fast wavelengths—the waveforms of love—multiply the potential of men and women.

The parasitic system works by using full-spectrum domination. They own all the banks; they buy countries, corporations, and influence. They own ‘THE SCIENCE’ and fund the studies for which they know the outcome. They control the narrative and believe they are omnipotent and invincible. Anybody daring to ask questions will be labelled a lunatic or wind up dead. This parasitic system thrives on the suppression of knowledge and the manipulation of information. By controlling the narrative and labelling those who question them as lunatics or eliminating them, they maintain their perceived power and invincibility.

However, there is a growing awareness among individuals who are beginning to question this system, seeking truth and striving for a world where love and evolution can flourish without fear.

“You are kidding, right?” My colleague said this to me during a meeting, looking defensive as if he were forced into a corner. He seemed sceptical of the idea that fear could have such a profound impact on DNA evolution and questioned the validity of the parasitic system’s methods. However, I assured him that there was scientific evidence supporting these claims and that understanding this concept could lead to empowering individuals to break free from its grip.

“Maybe we need to think this through,” I say. “They have been drip-feeding chemicals into our water, air, food, and homes for over a century.”

“If you are saying what I think you are saying, it’s just impossible; it would mean that they are all in it together; it’s ridiculous.”

“Look, I know it sounds far-fetched, but they own the media—it’s all about mind control. The media was easily infiltrated, taking control of our psyche.”

Lots of time, no rush, and small amounts of certain drugs—not the drugs that decalcify the pineal gland but those that slog it up along with large amounts of propaganda and indoctrination. Scarcity of resources: government control over water and food and populations are easily malleable.

“Look at the effects of fluoride. All the forever chemicals—who decided it would be beneficial for humanity to be dumbed down with chemical coshes—there is only one small group who benefits, and it’s not us.”

“You made it back,” Rich said sarcastically.

“Sorry, Rich, let’s get this controller wired up and back on the lathe,” I said, mustering as much enthusiasm as I could.

Rich rolled his eyes and muttered, “Sure, because that’s what we need—more control and manipulation.”

As we worked on the controller, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of our lives were being influenced by those in power. They played a long game; they are few; we are many; it’s time for us to take control. I glanced at Rich, who seemed lost in his own thoughts. The more I pondered, the stronger my conviction grew that we needed to find a way to reclaim our autonomy and break free from the grasp of those in power. It was time for us to unite and forge our own path towards true freedom.

“Come on, Ray, spill the beans. Thursday night, what happened?” Rich asks.

“The missus wanted a Chinese takeaway, so I switched on my phone, did a quick search, found the number, and rang it.”

I put my fist up near my ear, mimicking my phone.

“Hello there; it is Ray Wilson here. I’d like to place an order, please.”

“Yes, sir. I don’t recognise her voice; perhaps it’s the new girl; she sounds very friendly.”

“I would like to order crispy fried prawn balls with sweet and sour sauce and egg fried rice.”

“Sir,” I hear her interrupting me, “please, sir. Sir, hold on, this is the Chinese massage parlour,” she said.

At which point, me,the missus, and the girl started laughing.

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