No to Digital ID

Stop Britain sleepwalking into a database state

Follow the steps below to call on your MP to put a “right to use a non-digital ID” into law.

Step 1: Copy the template letter below to send to your MP.

Step 2: Paste, personalise and send the email to your MP. Make sure you personalise your email with your name, postcode, and your own reasoned arguments and feelings about a digital identity system.

If you’re not sure who your MP is, you can find out here. The contact information for your MP will be listed here as well.

Suggested subject line: Digital ID concerns

Dear MP,

I am writing to ask you to support David Davis’ amendment to the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill which would create a legal right to use non-digital ID. This important right would give the public a choice when it comes to proving our identities and sharing our personal data, and ensure that offline methods of proving identities are protected.

As the Government introduces a giant digital identity system ‘One Login’ for all of us to access key services including tax administration and benefits, it’s important that our legal rights reflect the digital landscape. That’s why I’m asking you to protect privacy, promote choice, prevent inequality and support the amendment to put the right to say #No2DigitalID in to law.

Having different ways to prove our identities online can be useful. We all want to be able to prove who we are safely, privately, and conveniently. But while digital ID can be helpful for some people, it is a hindrance to others, whether due to ability or choice. It is essential that digital ID remains an option – not a requirement.

It’s time to take a positive step to ensure that when it comes to verifying our identities, we have a legal right to not use digital IDs. The Government should safeguard a right to use offline alternatives, including widely accepted physical documents such as passports, and ensure that they are readily accessible and useable as new digital verification methods. This will ensure I have more choice and control over how I choose to identify myself and manage my personal information.

Digital identity systems often pose serious risks to rights, security and equality. They can be misused for mass surveillance or to track marginalised groups. They can lead to the construction of huge, population-wide databases of sensitive personal information. They can be vulnerable to hackers. They can even create extra obstacles for people who can’t use, or don’t want to use, tech in this way – particularly older, poorer and disabled people.

Even if digital ID systems are introduced with good intentions, it is difficult to ensure that such systems will be privacy-preserving and secure. Collecting large amounts of personal and biometric data always creates opportunities for misuse or abuse by governments or bad actors. I am concerned that, without proper safeguards and the option to opt-out, new digital ID systems could lead to a series of curbs on my fundamental freedoms.

It can be hard to ensure that digital ID systems preserve privacy, security and equality – but even so, they will never suit everyone in our country. That is why I’m asking you, as my MP, to support David Davis’ amendment to empower us with the legal right to choose whether to use digital or non-digital IDs and guard against the risks a future mandatory digital ID system could bring. By taking positive steps and introducing this new legal right, you will be upholding my freedom of choice whilst safeguarding against the potential harms that digital ID systems can threaten.

There’s still time to introduce positive measures into the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and shape a regulatory environment that protects and promotes choice and consent. If you are interested in finding out more about this issue or the Bill more on this issue generally, please contact Big Brother Watch at

I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your name] [Your postcode].

Source: Big Brother Watch

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