How To Avoid Digital Slavery – Now Available

About the Book

How to Avoid Digital Slavery is a collection of intriguing, entertaining, amusing and thought-provoking essays, written by no less than forty authors. Each piece reminds us of the threat of digital enslavement and encourages us to resist and win back our lives. Written by genuine authors driven by a desire for the truth.

In case you have lost trust in humanity over the past three years, hopefully, by reading this book, your trust will be restored. Not all is lost! There are wonderful, intelligent, wise and courageous people out there. You are not alone. We are many; and the awakened crowd is growing.

Book details: Hardcover; 300 pages; Size: 21.59 cm x 13.97; price: £20

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We have received even more essays than presented in the book – not all of them could make it into the book. A number of essays that are not printed, will be published on our website.

(Image: Solari Toon)