Digital Slavery

A Triad of Tyranny

Three Bills are being rammed through the Senate to create legislation that will transform the UN-WEF plans for surveillance and control into a dystopian reality in Australia. The first is the Identity Verification Services Bill 2023, which is designed to permit the use of biometric data to locate and track citizens and normalise it. The

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Goodbye Amazon

We are in the process of transferring our books to a UK printing firm after having searched and tried for several months. It will take up to a few more months until all books have been moved. We have started with our most recent book, ‘How to Avoid Digital Slavery’ (pre-order here.) There are several

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The Unpluggers

By Ray Wilson Fog permeates the substance of the forest; rivulets run down the gnarled trunks and drip from the inter-tangled canopy of branches. The Bluebell railway line runs through the Ashdown forest. Somewhere far ahead, a steam train blows its whistle, its piercing vibrancy muted by the smothering blanket of fog. I urge my

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