How to Survive These Days – A Beginner’s Guide

By Tony Zhang
You can download a printable version of this guide here.

According to the Pope we have entered World War III so now seems a good time to offer guidelines for helping newcomers survive the present onslaught on life and liberty. We have little space for explanations, so it’s more a pot-pourri of signposts for getting up to speed with what’s happening now, readying for what’s down the line, and joining with the resistance.

Don’t Panic!

In the immortal words of Lance Corporal Jones, “Don’t panic!” We are living in the age of “nudge” and many have succumbed to a whole raft of extraordinary demands, the end aim being 50% population reduction and full techno control of the masses. In truth there was no Covid pandemic, though the so-called vaccines were and are dangerous and, as planned, they continue to kill and injure millions around the globe. The Climate Crisis is another hoax but, rather than panic, take time to find out what’s really going on. A visit to Telegram is a good place to start. Also check for local activity, for instance by searching “A Stand In the Park”.


Never wear one it’s all nonsense. Most of the masks you see and wear are not masks at all, they are splash guards designed to protect medical staff from the bodily fluids of patients. They are not a barrier to viruses, and they dull your senses by restricting oxygen and increasing intake of carbon dioxide. They also collect possibly malign bacteria when damp and are even thought to contain carcinogenic material. On the other hand they are apparently making a fortune for the shady characters who supply them.

Chemtrails, Gridding, Geo-engineering

Stay inside and keep out of the rain! For years, those outside who look up have noticed long white trails that seem to hang around for hours and eventually form strange looking clouds. These are made by specially converted aircraft that spray a wide range of noxious chemicals onto the people below. When pushed, the official excuse is they are controlling the weather but when rain is captured and analysed, the data include such toxins as arsenic, lead, barium, mercury, titanium, aluminium and uranium. Why they want to make us ill is another conversation, but our advice is to stay inside as much as possible when trails are around (especially when raining) and detox regularly with Zeolite Powder (ultra fine) and other forms of chelation therapy.


A top pharmaceutical executive once responded: “Why would we want to cure anyone? We’d go out of business in no time!” That greedy and cynical reply sums up the parlous state of the health “business”. We’ve been brainwashed into believing only allopathic intervention can make us well, but that’s patently not the case. The body is a stupendous machine that comes free of charge and, with help from flora and fauna, will look after us better than anything Big Pharma has to offer. It’s therefore no surprise that, with the NHS in a state of collapse, natural and holistic treatments are making a dramatic comeback with community-based services appearing across the country. For instance, take a look at The People’s Health Alliance.

Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals

Where possible avoid jabs and other pharmaceutical products. The human race has survived for millennia without chemical concoctions, and it’s a scandal the way “health” has been taken over by profit-hungry corporations. Parents are coerced into having their offspring vaccinated yet independent research shows that, if anything, jabs have a negative impact on health (though not on the Big Pharma wallet). For instance, over a period of some 50 years, autism alone is said to have increased from around 1 in 30,000 children to 1 in 25 and the finger has been pointed at vaccination. Schools too are being coerced into jabbing kids, sometimes without permission of parents. Where that is a concern, legal letter templates can be found on the internet.


How do I detox the noxious chemicals I’ve been jabbed with? It’s a question we hear all too often from the newly awakened and the full answer is too long and complex to be considered here. However, serious efforts are being made to find detox protocols and these are changing and developing all the time. Up front in the fight is the World Council for Health and its latest advice can be found here: It’s wordy but there’s a helpful summary at the end.


Take supplements as you grow older. Healthy young people who consume fresh, natural and organic food are unlikely to fall ill because the body’s needs will already be met. However, once past the age of around 55 you become less efficient at producing some of these extras and help is needed. Vitamins C and D come high on the list. Take for instance one of our authors, who is 77, uses no pharmaceuticals and has been without illness of any kind for over 12 years. It takes ongoing personal research but, for the record, his current list includes vitamin A B C D and K2, Glutathione, Magnesium, MSM, NAC, Omega-3, Probiotics, Selenium, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and Quercetin. That sounds a lot but he still runs a full-time business, so it seems to be working!

Mainstream News

Avoid mainstream news, especially from the BBC. They appear to have been “bought” by key figures from the World Economic Forum and today offer propaganda on a par with anything Russia gave us in the past. They want to control our thinking on many levels. For instance, the Ukraine war reports paint a very different picture to independent reports coming from people on the ground. Thankfully, we still have small news operations that are honest, accurate, and truthful. One in particular is called UK Column. It’s said to be attracting more viewers and listeners than BBC News.


Our day-to-day spending is planned to go fully digital, under the control of a new world bank. This sounds melodramatic, but it’s already starting to happen. The fight-back rule is for everyone to use untraceable cash wherever possible and slow down on, or even stop, using digital cards. Banks too are no longer considered safe and many customers are withdrawing funds and moving them elsewhere. Some are buying gold and others are switching to crypto. As yet there are no perfect answers and the advice is to stay alert.


We can no longer rely on gas and electricity to appear on demand at a price we can afford, so it’s time to consider possible alternatives. These include firewood, LPG gas, solar (not cheap!), wind and even a camping gas cooking stove. One very useful gadget is a water distiller, so if the water supply fails you can take it from any stream or river and distil it. The result will be perfectly safe to drink although lacking in minerals. Then there’s the question of personal transport. Electric cars are NOT a good idea because energy prices will soar, and malign forces are likely to control car usage via the internet. However, some of the older diesel cars run happily on cooking oil.


Where possible eat locally produced fare that’s organic. The human body is an amazing thing, but to remain healthy it needs good food. The mass-produced products sold by global chains often contain little in the way of nutrition while some are said to include substances intended to damage our health. The ideal diet is one that is organic, low in carbs, high in good quality fats, and contains fresh fruit and vegetables. The keto diet encompasses this. Always check labels. Foods that are heavily processed with ingredients that include artificial flavouring/colouring and E-numbers should be avoided. One excellent source of (delivered) organic food is Riverford. Also, try to make sure you always have at least a month’s supply of food in hand.


Avoid both sugary drinks like Colas and water from the tap. Run tap water through a purifier or use the bottled variety. Tap water is said to be anything but pure, with chemicals like fluoride (not the natural variety) now being added in some areas. The adult body is said to need at least 2 litres of water a day and many low-sugar drinks (e.g. tea, coffee, beer, wine) will count towards that.

Growing Food

Food scarcity is already on the way, so why not grow your own? We are seeing a concerted attempt to seize farmland across the world. Fortunately Bill Gates had the great foresight (ha!) to buy up huge areas of land in the US to use for building cricket burger factories and growing GMO-based produce –no doubt at a high price with air miles attached. So what to do? Well, if we are living in World War III we need once again to “dig for victory”. Even the smallest of gardens can make a difference and pages of practical advice are given by the People’s Food & Farming Alliance. Collect seeds and swap/barter with like-minded people in your neighbourhood.

Finally, remember you are not alone. There are millions of us and probably only a handful of “them” calling the shots. Help set up self-supporting communities. Stay positive and be strong. If you’re told to do something you don’t want to do, politely refuse. If we are resolute and united, we will win.

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