Irish Excess Deaths – OECD ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics’

By Patrick E Walsh

OECD say Ireland had ‘negative’ excess mortality in period 2020 to 2022. Is that the scent of an unwashed rodent swirling from ‘Official Ireland’s’ bunker?


The above are actual excess mortality figures for Ireland for the last few years using per website. See link below where methodology and sources is explained.

It’s plain to see that funeral notices in 2021 and later years have increased way above the trend of the previous six years (2023 not finalised as of publication).

There is no doubt that our aging population will have contributed to these figures to some extent but the OECD has issued a report in which it states that not only has Ireland not experienced excess mortality since 2020 but that it has actually experienced ‘negative excess mortality’ in this period !

Yes, they are saying that Ireland should have had, by my calculations, another 3100 deaths approx on top of the actual carnage endured.

This is getting full MSM exposure with Varadkar, Donnelly and Smyth quotes and no one is questioning it.

I am not a statistician but I have read the report which I link below and I will do my best to point out the big black hole in the report as regards Ireland and inconsistencies in the conclusions as detailed in the mainstream media.

The comparative basis of the OECD report is the use of ‘Age Standardised Mortality Rates (ASMR)’ for 2015 to 2022. This method calculates a figure for each year that purports to take account of increases and changes in the age profile of population over the period and this baseline is used to see if there was excess mortality using age analysis of actual deaths during a year.


In the sources on the OECD site they give the following link to a CSO report for mortality by age etc.

When you click on the above link you are brought to this CSO data file which according to the OECD is the source of the figures and the conclusions drawn in the report, relating to Ireland.

On reviewing this CSO report, I see that it details the totals and age profile of deaths REGISTERED in a particular year which is NOT the ACTUAL deaths (and age profile) during the year.

I checked the 2019, 2020 & 2021 data on the CSO source link and the figures contained are the REGISTERED deaths in the years per the CSO ‘Vital Statistics Yearly Summary’ and NOT the ACTUAL deaths.

I will show copies of this linked report for 2019 to 2021 below.

If this is correct, as stated in the OECD sources, then and as far as I am concerned it makes a nonsense of the conclusions drawn in the OECD report about Ireland.

Total deaths and age profile are not categorised by ACTUAL year of death for the OECD ASMR calculations and considering the gaping difference in the figures above plus the consequent age analysis detail, it is nonsensical to make any comparison of pre and post Covid mortality.

Yes, the OECD are comparing pre and post Covid mortality figures and the Irish CSO data does NOT give them the information to allow them to make that comparison.

On top of this, any CSO figures used for 2021 and 2020 are significantly incomplete due to the nature of our system.

We are not shown anywhere in the OECD report the actual mortality figures used in the calculations so we are entitled to assume the linked sources are correct unless we are informed otherwise.

  1. INCOMPLETE MORTALITY DATA: Straight away we have a major hole in the Irish figures, but if that wasn’t enough, the OECD acknowledge that the mortality figures for ‘2021 to 2022’ are provisional and subject to change’ (see below). There’s an understatement if there ever was one.2021 is understated by a definite 1789 ( 34844 – 33055 as above) plus another 1100 or so if you look at above. Nearly 3000 in total.

    2022 is understated by 1500 or so when checked with above.

    These deaths will show up as late registrations in the years to come.

    I can also tell them that 2019 and 2020 are incomplete too, due to late registrations re inquests etc. These for the most part refer to sudden and unexpected deaths in younger people, so this also affects not only overall mortality but the attempt to take account of deaths by age profile for 2019 to 2022.

    They also haul out the auld perennial of the ‘HSE cyber-attack’ as part of an arse covering exercise in case someone spots what I have.

But this point, while relevant and statistically important, is only in the ‘halfpenny place’ when compared to using deaths registered in a year instead of actual deaths for a year.

  1. SUNDRY : There are other points that could be made about the following, which if needs be I will detail, but it is unnecessary considering points 1 & 2 demolish any validity to the OECD report regarding Ireland:
    • CSO mortality projections in 2016, when they knew age profile after Census, are okay until 2021 then go off kilter
    • Irish ASMR figures as detailed in the report are falling steeply from 2015. The OECD confirm this causes bias in the results eg as shown in the report the bias turns Australia from excess deaths to negative excess deaths. Ireland’s fall is steeper than Australia’s.
    • Lumping 2020 in with 2021 & 2022 to hide that excess mortality started in 2021. Us in the ‘far right’ have known from the start there was no appreciable excess deaths in 2020 but this is also an attempt to whitewash 2021 and 2022 too.

The Irish government, as evidenced by the article above, are using this OECD report to double down on all their democidal acts since March 2020.

Seemingly it vindicates lockdown, the nursing home cull, the mRNA vaccine program and all the rest.

Their pronouncements are based on deceit if what is stated in the OECD report about the CSO linked source data file is true.

They must know the figures can’t be correct or that the report is wrong about its source.

I’m calling a major bluff on the government’s part that just might explode in their faces.

Did the OECD deliberately seek to use incorrect data and if so, what does that say about the overall report?

Did the CSO deliberately or mistakenly forward incorrect data to the OECD?

Were the CSO instructed by someone in Cabinet, independently or on behalf of government, to deceive the OECD?

If what I am saying is correct then someone in government should be falling on their sword or someone losing their cushy civil service job, as this is being used to deceive the Irish people into taking a dangerous medical procedure.

‘Misinformation’, anyone?

If I am incorrect, then somebody deliberately linked false CSO source data to a major OECD report to deceive for whatever reason. If so, we need to know why and to see the correct file for validation purposes.

‘Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more….’

Happy New Year.

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