‘There is No Excess Mortality Until the Vaccines Are Rolled Out’

(Video: Free Speech Media/Rumble)

Denis Rancourt: “After three years of intent studying, I can tell you – and this is hard scientific conclusions from looking at the data…”:

  • There is no global warming
  • There was no pandemic
  • Nothing is spreading
  • Nitrogen is not a problem
  • Cow farts are not a problem
  • You can double the amount of CO2 and it will not have a negative impact on the earth
  • The vaccines are a toxic substance
  • The vaccines are clearly associated with peaks in mortality – in over 100 countries.

About Denis Rancourt:

Currently writes about medicine, COVID-19, individual health, climate change, geopolitics, civil rights, political theory, sociology … and has also written over 100 peer-reviewed-journal articles in technical areas of science and technology.

He obtained BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in physics. He held post-doctoral research positions at prestigious institutions in France and The Netherlands, before being a physics professor and lead scientist at the University of Ottawa for 23 years.

Denis Rancourt is an experienced self-represented litigant at several levels of court and in many administrative tribunals, in both Ontario and Quebec. I have been a volunteer Researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (ocla.ca) since 2014.

Find out more: https://denisrancourt.ca/

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