It’s About Layers Upon Layers of Covert Agendas

By Ray Wilson

Turtles All The Way Down

A man stands on the tree line, his two Afghan dogs close at his side, highlighted against the sky. It’s a warm afternoon considering the frost of the early morning.
As we get closer, my hound tugs impatiently on her lead.

I hear the gentleman curse as he yanks at his hoodie, which gets stuck around his head as he swears in despair. His arms tangle in the sleeves of the garment, struggling to free himself. The Afghan dogs get agitated. Eventually, he manages to untangle his arms and remove the hoodie, revealing a dishevelled appearance underneath. I notice the brightly coloured tattoos that illustrate his arms.

Love, not war—an open cage—broken chains and turtles—turtles all the way down—images of freedom. I notice, for the first time, a tiny dog padding through the ferns.

“Hurry up, Lola!” He shouts at a small teacup pug. “I will f upping punch you up.”

“I think my hounds distracted her,” I say.

He looks at me as he slopes away. He shoots me a glare before muttering something under his breath. I can’t help but wonder what has caused him to be so on edge.

It’s going to become an angrier world, but that is the plan, but we are smart and are not going to fall for that again. The strategic division of top secret black budget projects—hidden and compartmentalised among corporations—no one entity gets to see the full perspective. These projects are designed to manipulate and control society, ensuring that the masses remain oblivious to the true intentions of those in power. The secrecy and fragmentation of these projects allow for maximum control and minimal accountability. However, as more people become aware of these hidden agendas, resistance and opposition will inevitably grow, challenging the power structures that have been carefully constructed. It’s all funded by us. Wars continue because of our acquiescence—our willingness to fund them with our taxes and our participation. Isn’t funding terrorists illegal? Of course, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, so we are straight back to divide and conquer.

Turtles: You see, it’s not just about extraterrestrial visitors or black-ops experiments; it’s about layers upon layers of covert agendas, each shrouded in a veil of secrecy. Imagine a giant turtle, a symbol of the unknown, bearing the weight of hidden truths. But here’s the kicker: It’s not just one turtle holding up the world; it’s an infinite stack, each concealing a revelation more mind-bending than the last. Or is it one little lie on which all other lies rest?

I am still thinking about the tattooed man the next day.

My son was a rebel and bullied at school for being fat. He got fit, he got muscles, and he got tattooed. His body became a canvas, each tattoo telling a story of resilience and defiance. I could not believe it when he fell for the “safe and effective” narrative.
They promised “safe and effective,” and what we actually got was sudden and unexpected.

“Wakey, wakey!” Rich shouts.

I have parked the combination by the workshop; the hound has skedaddled, and I am sitting side-saddle deep in thought.

“How’s our man of the woods?” Rich inquired.

“Better, I pray to God. His blood showed parasites and some other toxins when they went into the sample digitiser,” I reply.

“He soaked his feet in water treated with chlorine dioxide and took the panacea to detox; he can at least talk now and move around.” “He’s definitely making progress,” I continue. “But it’s still a long road ahead. The toxins have done some serious damage to his system, and it will take time for him to fully recover.”

Rich nods understandingly, his expression filled with concern. “Our God-given immune system will protect us from most illnesses and diseases if it is not poisoned.”
Rich makes the coffee and hands me the mug.

“Well, it’s Holocaust Memorial Day today,” Rich points out in the article in the newspaper.

“What have we learned, Rich?” I reply.

It was not technically illegal in many countries up until the 1960s to use human subjects in medical research. A number of unethical medical experiments known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments were conducted in Alabama between 1932 and 1972. The participants were not given information about their illness or available treatments; the study was carried out without informed consent. The recent deployment—a jab in every arm—of the experimental “safe and effective” biotoxin unleashed on the world population at “warp speed” is testimony to the fact that the medical experiments continue.

“I believe, Rich, that I am now slowly understanding terrain theory. It makes perfect sense, so if you wanted to make people sick and keep people sick, what would you do?”

The whole house of cards falls once the first lie is exposed—the germ theory lie.
Use lockdowns to stop people from getting adequate exposure to sunlight, limit exercise, and decrease oxygen absorption using masks. Stop interaction with other people and animals to limit exposure to pathogens—the very exposure that strengthens the immune system. Use drones to police open spaces; make public examples of any transgressors.

Use the captured legacy mockingbird MSM to badmouth and ridicule the deniers, the unclean, feckless granny killers. Drag protestors off, beat the Covidiots with batons, throw them in jail, and freeze their bank accounts.

Create fear to inhibit good, worry-free sleep. Increase the consumption of fast food, processed carbohydrates, and alcohol. Weaken the gut microbiome and limit the availability of micronutrients. Discourage micro-dosing and fasting, and indeed, shame anyone considering taking responsibility for their and their families’ health.
Persuade and cajole—incentivize the consumption of toxin by mouth or by needle—the sick will demand to be made well, and the resulting filthy lucre is an unstoppable fountain of wealth.

Your government wants to depopulate you.

Rich is looking his inscrutable best and making his impression in Dr. Fu Manchu style:

“Confucius once said, “A healthy man wants a thousand things; a sick man only wants one.”

Name-calling and slander are tools weaponized against brave whistleblowers. In other slave-based societies, make no mistake, for this is our reality now; the illusion is one of choice—of democracy. Give a good beating to anyone who steps out of line—thrash them almost to death—a gruesome public spectacle etched into the psyche as an example of that which may befall you.

“Did you get the caravan fixed up in the end?” Rich asked.

“Me and Trev did the essential work on Monday—the missus goes over to see her brother every evening, takes a hot meal, and does the washing.”

“I must admit, Rich, on Monday I was getting angry listening to the bloody crap on the TV—it’s all framed—every report—every story—to put people in fear—in fear of people, animals, weather, war, plague, and the grim reaper.”

“Yeah, it’s sickening how they manipulate the news to keep everyone on edge,” Rich replied. “But you know what? We can rise above their fear tactics and support each other through these tough times.”

“Rich, did I tell you about the tattooed man in the woods?” The door opens, and dad shuffles in and stands slightly hunched with his hand on the newspaper.

The Wolf Moon will be visible in the UK on Thursday, January 27 2024.

“Morning dad, it was an amazing full moon last night, but tonight we are told the wolf moon will be even more spectacular.”

“I heard you talking about tattoos—my pal—when we were in the merchant navy, we got one in a side street parlour—I can’t remember which port we were in at the time—we ended up in so many far-off places.”

“The upper classes in the 1940s and 1950s looked down on them with distain—maybe it was because it was a form of branding—a way to show ownership. After all, not all survivors of the concentration camps were tattooed; the tattoos were only used on inmates who would make useful slaves.”

In 1949, the decisions of the Nuremberg military war crimes tribunal, aka Nuremberg Code, stipulated that an individual has the right to voluntary informed consent and the absolute God-given right to control over his or her own body.
So, when you hear those words—”turtles all the way down”—know that you’re on the brink of a revelation, a journey into the unknown. One massive lie is nestled on top of another massive lie; each lie is built upon another, creating a complex web of deceit. This concept can be applied to various aspects of life, where uncovering the truth requires unravelling multiple layers of falsehoods. It serves as a reminder to question and critically analyse the information presented to us, as there may be hidden agendas or manipulations at play. You must dare to question everything in the spirit of truth-seeking. The truth sets us free.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the evil of today? Do you want to help save the world, your neighbour, your own soul?

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Rom 12:21)

With Christ, all things are possible. Take part in Adoration.

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