Johnson Keen on Signing Pandemic Treaty

Back in February 2021, when hardly anyone spoke about the Pandemic Treaty, Boris Johnson said he would be keen to agree on a global treaty on pandemics; then in March of the same year, the world leaders called for an international pandemic treaty.

This ‘treaty’ is not an agreement between the people and the rulers. It is a globalist coup to gain immense dictatorial power over signatory countries. Under the guise of “no government can address the threat of pandemics alone – we must come together” these world leaders  are once again pretending that this if for the good of the people. However, the pandemic treaty is just another trick to bring on the great reset.

Of course, the corrupt media (financed by the same globalists pushing for global control) dismisses anyone as a conspiracy theorist who publishes appropriate criticism on the pandemic treaty, the same way they did during covid.

Find out more about the pandemic treaty here:

The following letter was written by a reader:

Dear Prime Minister

“Inalienable rights supersede governmental laws and cultural norms. These natural rights include the right to think for oneself, the right to life, and the right to self-defence, and they remain through every human’s lifetime.” (Legal Dictionary).

With respect, I should like to inform you that the proposed “treaty” mentioned above, is already null and void as it is an unlawful document that has been constructed by an unelected organisation, namely the WHO and has no authority over us. Therefore, this “treaty”, must not be signed. Likewise, the proposed amendments to the IHR, must not be agreed to.

There is a petition requesting a referendum on whether this “treaty” should be signed. There is no need for this. As I’m sure you will agree, why would anyone take the risk to have their most priceless possessions removed, our inalienable rights which include freedom and bodily integrity, when they already own them?

This “treaty” is, in effect, a total take-over of all member states and it’s people, to dictate whatever and whenever.

I find it astounding that you are even giving any credence to such a “treaty”. It does not deserve to be dignified with any response, other than an emphatic and resounding “No” to signing it.

It is very simple, when any laws are proposed that can be used against a person, their freedoms and their total well-being, they have a duty to disobey those unlawful laws.

We should not be ruled by the WHO or any other globalist organisation. No one has the right to sign away other people’s rights. Say “No” and furthermore, withdraw membership from the WHO. It is your moral duty to protect the people of this country from tyranny.

Yours Sincerely

MEP Christine Anderson on what the imposed undemocratic WHO international treaty actually means (OP Freedom/Rumble):