Letter to MP: A Crisis of Energy Affordability Risking Lives

To Mr J Lamont MP

I have now heard many people mention how difficult their increased energy price rises have been to manage, including Government Taxation that accompany these cost increases.

The percentage is well above what they can afford—at 50% increases, with the threat of prices going up triple and quadruple.

Such excesses are in my opinion untenable and unsustainable for most people. A UK wide payment strike is being organized, as a petition against these energy cost rises, for a million people to cancel their direct debits. Personally I think all 50 Million of us should protest loudly and with unity!

Many, like myself, who live on low incomes and DWP state benefits and Pensions etc., will not be able to afford these energy price rises. What these energy utilities are doing is insidious and deadly. They are in the hands of private and foreign holdings not based in the UK, as they should be.

By their greed they are putting the lives of many hundreds of thousands at risk. This terrorism is as unacceptable as any other form of terrorism. These price increases will have detrimental effects on many people financially and economically, and may result in the deaths of many individuals as they are forced into that horrendous ‘eating or heating’ choice.

These deaths and the financial destitution caused, will be the direct result of the price increases, imposed by the energy suppliers. They will be guilty of the crime of murder by ‘energy terrorism’.

I will once again refer to the book, Dark Heart – The Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain, by Nick Davis, as an indictment against the evils of those energy companies that are indicted in that book.

In the USA there is a law that is used against such companies who, for whatever reason, put at risk or endanger the lives of people. That law is referred to as the Corporate Manslaughter Law. It holds to account those companies, who with impunity, violate and break the law for their own selfish gains, in order to profit from their actions.

I accuse those energy utilities such as Scottish Power, Eon, Scottish Gas, Northern, and all others involved, in these unfounded price hikes. They are engaging in ‘energy terrorism’. I would like to see a new law ratified by the House of Lords, that condemns this practice and makes it illegal and those liable who seek to profit by forcing those on low income to suffer financially and cause their physical and mental health to deteriorate. Financial slavery is as intolerable as all other forms of slavery.

Any depopulation agenda, such as this energy chaos, being created by that insidious WEF elitist club, will fail and fall as have all such policies of evil before it. The Club of Rome, the UN the WHO, The Rothschilds, Bilderbergs and Rockefellers etc. will all fall before God!

There is no justification for these severe and unnecessary punitive energy price increases, when they, themselves are making enormous profits out of them, when their top executives, are benefiting from the huge sums of capital wealth. This hasn’t got anything to do with a service that is struggling to provide electrical energy to us.

Far from it. They have extensive reserves, stores, and a surplus of it nationally, and there is no need for any imported source. There is enough generateable capacity, which they are fully aware of, in coal, oil, gas, wood and nuclear—not just in renewables.

This is about greed—pure and simple. This is about the perpetuation of acts of evil, of a twisted agenda, which aims to destroy the financial capabilities of the people. An agenda of economic chaos and crisis, via a false flag climate change scenario under the guise of zero carbon nonsense. It is us being seen as the excess carbon!

This is also about a staged conflict that was manufactured into a proxy war, as highlighted by Clare Daly MEPs brilliant speech of June 2022, and the equally dubious pandemic. Many millions are now savvy and awake to the lies and the liars telling it!

This unprecedented evil must be brought under control, possibly by ‘re-nationalizing’ the entire industrial complex of this service provision sector, back into public hands, and run ‘by the people for the people’.

Many hundreds of thousands of lives need to be saved. May it be on your conscience if you stand by and do nothing, when later there is an accounting. In the words of Edmund Burke: “All it takes for Evil to prevail, is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing.”

Yours Sincerely
Michael T Arnot Esq