London Protest Against ULEZ

Huge Anti-ULEZ Protest Outside BBC (Mahyar Tousi/YT):

ULEZ Protest at BBC Portland Place – 22 July 2023 (Brown Car Guy/YT):

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is going ahead with plans to expand the ULEZ – Ultra Low Emission Zone – to cover the whole of Greater London right up to the M25 from 29th August 2023.

If you drive a non-ULEZ compliant car in London, you will have to pay a £12.50 daily charge, as you would do driving into the current ULEZ zones in Central London (introduced in April 2019) and Inner London up to the North and South Circular roads (from 25 October 2021).

A ULEZ compliant car is a petrol car of at least Euro 4 Emissions standards (all models from 2005, and some from further back, usually to 2001), and a diesel car which is of at least Euro 6 emissions standards (models from 2015 onwards). Classic cars only older than 40 years (on a rolling scale, so presently 1983 and older) are exempt if registered as ‘Historics’.

The ULEZ expansion this year will hit hardest on those already suffering from the cost of living crisis and will banish classic cars from the city’s streets. Plus the Mayor has no mandate for (80% of Greater Londoners were against it) and the main argument against the expansion is that Transport for London’s (TFL) own report states that there are moderate to no actual benefits to the quality of air in the expanded area, and in some parts of London it will have a negative socio-economic impact on the communities that live there!

Use this TFL ULEZ checker