Mask to Mask Learning – Children Back in School

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with the latest news from the UK Column.

Topics in this video:

00:30 – Testing and Masks Recommended For Schools As Policy Becomes Law

03:00 – Young People With Learning Difficulties Offered DNR Notices

04:30 – Right Said Fred Prove Tap Water Has COVID-19

05:16 – Did The CDC Really Admit RT-PCR Tests are Invalid?

07:41 – Measures To Prevent Workplace Disruption

09:18 – Government Rapidly Approve Pfizer Drug

13:37 – Approval? Who Needs Approval?

17:36 – Sajid Javid Goes Full Blown Fascist

20:14 – Guardian Find Two Alleged Refuseniks And Spin Fact Free Propaganda From It

25:47 – Fauci Knows The Risk Of His Deception

30:49 – Pfizer Partnered With China To Develop A Vaccine Passport Linked To Payment Systems

33:17 – Full Fact Fact Free Response Admits MSM Misled The Public

35:30 – Government Propaganda Goes Into Hyperdrive With Normalising Assistance From NGOs

42:35 – Van Tam Delivers Royal Institution Chaos Magic Christmas Lecture

48:43 – Devi Sridhar Winges In the Guardian

53:27 – Examples Of Positive Action

54:22 – Andrew Marr – The History Of The Leaders

01:02:22 – Mass Formation Psychosis

01:07:51 – Paul Dacre Discusses Controlling The Narrative

01:12:42 – BBC Opine That Maxwell Verdict Proves That No One Is Above The Law Except When They Are