‘People Should Be Preparing, This Is So Serious’

Tucker Carlson – “People Should Be Preparing, This Is So Serious” (Patriots Base/YT):

Tucker Carlson on the importance of truth

What follows is a precis, not a full transcript, of a speech given recently by Tucker Carlson.

This coming year is going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen. If something bad is about to happen, everybody gets jumpy, and everybody’s really jumpy right now. We can tell these things on an intuitive level, and we should always trust our intuition.

For example, the people in charge of the USA are desperate to stop Trump from getting re-elected, but the more they indict him on transparently ridiculous charges, the more his support increases. So what do they do? They indict him all the more!

This tells us that the people in charge don’t understand human nature, they’re desperate and they’ll do literally anything.

This cannot be resolved in an orderly way.

Politics is about people settling their differences in an orderly way. But this is not about politics because the people behind this are not motivated by the usual things, things that we can all understand: money and power. What’s happening here is evil for its own sake.

For example, the kinds of lies we are hearing are not conventional lies. They are not excuses or distortions or half-truths. They are the intentional, exact opposite of the truth.

And if you are governed by people who actively hate the truth, who lie for the sheer animal thrill of doing so, you are living in a dark time under very dark people. And the stakes are the ultimate stakes. It’s not about who gets elected. It’s about what happens to the world in your soul.

I think the only way to stay alive and fully human in a moment like this is to resolve that you are going to tell the truth in any and all circumstances. It is justifiable to keep quiet to spare the feelings of someone you love. But in every other circumstance, when you disagree—you can be gentle, you can be empathetic—but you should never allow yourself to repeat anything that you know is not true. That will destroy you. That is the mark, not of a free man or a citizen, but a slave.

The difference between freedom and slavery is the right to say what you actually think. And anyone who tries to force you to lie is (i) your enemy, and (ii) thinks you are subhuman. And those in charge do see us as slaves.

That is why they try to make us weak. Our dignity and strength are a threat to them. That is why, during the lockdowns, they kept the cannabis dispensaries and the strip clubs open, but closed the churches and the gyms.

What is that? It’s a determined, systematic effort to weaken the population in order to limit their resistance to what they plan for us. And that just could not be more obvious.

And so I am not calling for armed insurrection. I am calling for a population that becomes stronger inside.

So what do we do? We tell the truth.

Because they are terrified of the day that the average person sees the truth and no longer complies. If enough people stop complying, this will end immediately. That’s the one thing they can’t handle. All you need to do is opt out of their nonsense. And I hope you will.

By John Willis

Wars around the world are getting worse and causing chaos yet instead of doing something to save the planet there are plans to put nuclear weapons into space.

We are now being told by the Western governments that we will be at war with Russia and China within six years. my calculations bring that to 2030 the exact year we are meant to enter the New World Order.

Is this just a coincidence or another planned part of Agenda 2030? I also notice that people here in my hometown are starting to see that all new homes are being built around the town centre and roads are being permanently closed, taking us to what appears the building of a 15-minute city.

Without any public consultations.

Jordan Peterson tells Tucker: Truth in speech is of divine significance:

Jordan Peterson asks viewers, ‘Do you want the truth on your side or do you want to hide behind falsehoods?’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ (Fox News/YT)

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