Rejecting 15-Minute Cities and the ‘Green’ Agenda – Glastonbury and Colchester

Local Council REJECTS 15 Minute Cities (Mahyar Tousi/YT):

Glastonbury says no to Net Zero. Listen to Sandy’s amazing talk as she fights for freedom. The Council have listened to the people and acted on their behalf, (which is what they are paid to do ). Listen to the evidence presented at the council meeting and put pressure on your own councillors around the country.

We Must Not Comply to the Net Zero agenda, which wants to control, manipulate and take away our freedom.

Residents put Colchester Council under scrutiny – 3rd meeting 6/6/23 (Successful Garden Design/YT):

This is regarding the disastrous environmental policies the council’s Environment and Sustainability panel are recommending – following on from the video:

Residents vs Colchester City Council 21st March 2023 (Successful Garden Design/YT):

Three Colchester residents tackle their city council over the net zero initiatives that aren’t remotely green! We sent our questions in three days before the meeting…

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