Shanghai Lockdown Horrors

Chinese officials are risking triggering a revolution, as they have the people under brutally oppressive lockdown. Still pursuing a long-failed ‘zero-Covid’ policy for predominantly asymptomatic cases of a mild variant, many are asking if Covid is the primary driver of this drastic step. (The Highwire with Del Bigtree/Rumble)

Residents in locked down Shanghai scream from their balconies: ‘This cannot last’ (Guardian News/YT):

Covid, total lockdown in Shanghai residents force barricades and are arrested (NowNews/YT):

A Shanghai resident avoids quarantine by fishing for fish with a drone:

Shanghai, the economic capital and the largest city in China, has entered the third week of lockdown due to the spread of the corona virus, and many residents have to deal with food in various ways. A resourceful Chinese man in one of the Shanghai skyscrapers came up with an interesting idea of ​​how not to leave his apartment and still get fresh food.

The pool under the skyscraper is full of decorative carp, and the resident of the skyscraper has a drone and a hook, and that’s how he came to a solution.
The Chinese capital, Shanghai, has been in lockdown for three weeks now, and strict quarantine means that many residents of the 25-million city are not allowed to leave their homes.


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