The Blade Runners – Freeing London from Surveillance Cameras

London, England: An anti-ULEZ vigilante group known as the “Blade Runners” has committed itself to removing or disabling every last ULEZ camera in London. 90% of the cameras in South East London have already been “retired”. Within London’s ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’, people are charged a daily fee of up to £17.50 for driving cars

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Over a Million Surveillance Cameras Present in the UK from Chinese Company Linked to Genocide

Rahima Mahmut speaks about life inside the world’s ultimate surveillance state and the need to ban Hikvision from the UK. Surveillance cameras made by companies linked to crimes against humanity watch millions of people every day in the UK. Hikvision and Dahua facilitate Chinese government’s persecution of the Uyghurs, from forced sterilisation in “re-education camps”

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