The Blade Runners – Freeing London from Surveillance Cameras

London, England: An anti-ULEZ vigilante group known as the “Blade Runners” has committed itself to removing or disabling every last ULEZ camera in London.

90% of the cameras in South East London have already been “retired”.

Within London’s ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’, people are charged a daily fee of up to £17.50 for driving cars that don’t meet arbitrary “minimum emissions standards”, essentially making driving an unaffordable luxury for people who are already struggling to make ends meet as a result of runaway inflation, extortionate energy bills and a cost of lockdowns crisis.

Similar schemes are being rolled out in other major UK cities, in direct opposition to the democratic will of the people.

All part of the Net Zero agenda to severely restrict people’s freedom of movement—confining them to ’15 minute cities’ in the process—under the guise of combatting the non-existent “climate crisis”. (Wide Awake Media/X)

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