UK Farmers’ Protest – London, 25 March

As part of the global farmer fightback against the establishment, British farmers will very soon hold their largest protest so far – in central London. (Jeff Taylor/YT)

Farmers are planning to drive tractors to Westminster to protest against cheap food imports, and demand politicians protect high British food standards in trade deals and act to save food security.

Campaign group Save British Farming (SBF) is partnering with the Kent-based Farmers for Fairness group for the tractor demonstration on Monday 25 March in central London.

Plans are already being made for farmers to drive dozens of tractors and farm vehicles to the capital for a 6pm start on the day.

Liz Webster, founder of Save British Farming, who farms with her husband in Wiltshire, told Farmers Weekly the main aims of the rally:

  • To lobby the government to ditch trade deals with Australia and New Zealand which are “a bad deal for British farming and farmers”
  • To pressure the House of Parliament to introduce legislation to ensure that supermarkets can no longer have contracts that pay producers below the cost of production
  • To demand the government deliver a food plan to protect and bolster domestic food security.

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