King Charles III

Where’s Kate?

The Royal Family Is Lying About King Charles and Princess Kate – Redacted with Natali & Clayton Morris (Redacted/YT): A supporter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has claimed “we have not seen Kate in public” since Christmas Day in 2023 amid a clamour of online conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales. Christopher Bouzy,

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King Charles to Attend COP28

I thought he was supposed to forget his personal political agenda now he is king! (Richard Vobes/YT) King Charles to attend COP28 – It will be the first time he has attended a COP summit as king: See also: COP28 Petition the King – Postcard Protest Against WHO Control King Charles III and the

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New Corona

By Ray Wilson Saturday, May 6, dawns, and the skies are battleship grey. My brother and I are busy learning the art of motorcycle maintenance, and it is beginning to rain. I turned up early to get as much done as possible while my missus was at the farmers’ market. “Let’s have a coffee,” Rich

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