Canada: The Biggest Con Job Are Political Partys

By Randy Hillier

The Culture Wars

I understand and appreciate that many people are seeking ways and means to combat the ever-growing dangers that loom before us, and are hoping a political solution is not far off. For those of us who are alert and awake to the ever-increasing wars in Ukraine and the middle east, the continued and increasing inflation and taxes, homelessness, drug overdoses, and attack on children’s sexuality and biology, are not random coincidences, but are part the creation of a new society. A new society where freedom of expression is unlawful, mobility and opportunity greatly diminished, and where family and faith are denigrated.

This new society is being molded with falsehoods of virtue and convenience, and fears for safety. They’re disguised as climate change, 15-minute cities, Bio-Digital Convergence, Disease X, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, all replacing merit. A new society where dissent is misinformation, censorship defines truth, and men can give birth and breast feed, among so many crises.

These are not just political problems as they are widely held beliefs, not only within our government and institutions, but by many people including our friends, family members, colleagues, and business owners; the very people who elect and legitimize our politicians. These are cultural problems within our communities.

As a culture we have either forgotten or misunderstand both our role, and the politician’s role, within our society. They are elected to hear us, not to control us. Before we find a political solution, we must first find a solution to what plagues our society.

The biggest Con job are political party’:

Watch and listen to how the lobbyists control our political party’s and have turned them into a Mob family that runs a protection rackets called democracy. (No More Lockdowns Canada/Randy Hillier/YT)

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