Malcolm Roberts

We Need a Great RESIST!

Speech by Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts on Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset: Senator Malcolm Roberts stood up in Australian Parliament and called on all members to work against Schwab’s Great Reset agenda! ‘Senators in this very chamber today who support the great reset threaten our privacy, freedom and dignity’. (Real World News/YT) “If this

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Covid Under Question Inquiry, Australia – Complete Video Collection

Introduction and outline Covid Under Question is a cross-party inquiry into the Government’s response to covid held on 23rd March 2022. Covid Under Question was hosted by Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation Federal Senator for Queensland) and attended by Stephen Andrew (One Nation Queensland State MP for Mirani), George Christensen (Federal Nationals MP for Dawson),

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Australian Senator to Covid Criminals: ‘We Are Coming for You!’

Senate Malcolm Roberts holds a speech in Senate about covid vaccine adverse reactions and deaths, the betrayal of the Australian people and the criminal acts of Pfizer and the complicit government. “This unprecedented betrayal of the Australian People must be referred immediately to a Royal Commission. To the Prime Minister, the Health Minister, the federal

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