A Triad of Tyranny

Three Bills are being rammed through the Senate to create legislation that will transform the UN-WEF plans for surveillance and control into a dystopian reality in Australia. The first is the Identity Verification Services Bill 2023, which is designed to permit the use of biometric data to locate and track citizens and normalise it. The

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Toxicologist’s Explosive Testimony: ‘Dangerous’ mRNA Shots Contain ‘Lethal Products’

By Frank Bergman One of America’s leading toxicologists has warned during an explosive testimony that “dangerous” mRNA Covid shots are “contaminated” with “lethal products.” Dr. Janci Lindsay, a renowned biochemist and molecular biologist, testified before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on pandemic preparedness. Lindsay was called as an expert witness to testify

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Australian Senator to Covid Criminals: ‘We Are Coming for You!’

Senate Malcolm Roberts holds a speech in Senate about covid vaccine adverse reactions and deaths, the betrayal of the Australian people and the criminal acts of Pfizer and the complicit government. “This unprecedented betrayal of the Australian People must be referred immediately to a Royal Commission. To the Prime Minister, the Health Minister, the federal

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