Ursula Von Der Leyen

‘The House of Cards Is Collapsing’ – MEP Christine Anderson

 Their House of Cards is Tumbling Down – Das Kartenhaus stürzt ein: Recently, MEP Virginie Joron invited the well-known French tropical doctor and vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne to the European Parliament for a conference. MEP Christine Anderson gave the opening speech. Perronne was prosecuted by the French government for his criticism of the corona

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The Betrayal of Ukraine

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson, Debi Evans and Vanessa Beeley. Topics in this video: 00:31: – The Betrayal of Ukraine 12:38 – The Ukrainian Syrian Combat Crossover 35:28 – Andrew Hill 39:39 – Former Senior Canadian Officer Possibly Captured In Azovstal 47:07 – Outrage Over Lavrov’s Statement 58:07 – Pope Speaks Out On Ukraine

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