Template Letter for Covid Vaccine Injured

Below is a template letter for relatives of vaccine injured from UK CV Family.

Dear XXX, MP

My name is XXX, and I am one of your constituents, residing at XXX.

I am writing because someone I care about has been struggling since receiving a Covid vaccine, and I would like you, as my MP, to look into the situation that people like this find themselves in. I do not know how many people within our constituency are also struggling, but I think this is something that you should be aware of.

I am not writing to question the vaccine in any way — I am writing because we know that these things happen and I am very concerned that help is unavailable. Our country has been subject to a mass vaccination program since December 2020, yet there doesn’t appear to be anything in place to support those for whom the vaccine has had a life-changing, negative impact.

People with adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine do not appear to be being researched or monitored by the Yellow Card System or the vaccine manufacturers themselves. This greatly concerns me if we are to continue encouraging people to get vaccinated, and not just for the Covid vaccine but for future vaccination programs. We need to be able to provide for those for whom vaccination goes wrong. The MHRA simply directs the reporter to the NHS.

Yet the NHS appears unwilling or unable to offer support to anyone with an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine. Long Covid clinics are refusing to see them, even if the symptoms are the same. Medical exemptions are being denied. Referrals are being cancelled. Doctors are hanging up the phone and refusing to speak to patients who say that they have been seriously unwell since being vaccinated. People are spending thousands of pounds in the private sector or overseas, trying to access testing and treatment denied to them by the NHS.

People with adverse reactions are losing their incomes, remortgaging their homes, and spending all of their savings on just staying alive. The government financial support that should be available is not — the current PIP waiting list is eighteen months. The UK’s Vaccine Damages Payment Scheme is yet to make one payment related to the Covid vaccine, whereas, as of 8th April 2022, the government of Thailand has paid out to more than 14,000 people experiencing adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine. Our country should be doing better.

I urge you, as my MP, to ask questions about how those seriously negatively impacted by the Covid vaccine are being treated in this country. Please reach out to our community and offer support to people whose lives have been destroyed by simply following government advice. Please speak to Sir Christopher Chope regarding his efforts to recognise those who have been harmed by the Covid vaccine. And if a constituent reaches out to you for help, please listen with a kind and supportive ear.


Caroline Pover at the Better Way Conference (UKCVFamily/YT):