Gene Edited Crops – One of the Agenda 2030 Goals

Gene-edited crops to ease a Ukrainian food shortage? The situation in Ukraine is being used for introducing gene modified food. Ukraine is an excuse for a further step in the 2030 Agenda.

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UN Goals 2030 Agenda – What they say and what they mean
Agenda 2030: What They Say And What They Mean

The symbol of evil: the circle of the 2030 Agenda/Great Reset

There are entrepreneurs who still cannot believe that the UN Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset will actually be implemented. Many self-employed complain that they are now receiving no financial aid from the state in lockdown. Many do not know what the lockdowns are for and think the Great Reset is just a crazy plan that governments would never implement without first talking to citizens about it. They overlook the fact that the plans for the 2030 Agenda and the Great Reset have been announced for years. Its supporters, the group of people who actively operate it, openly wear an identification mark.

The World Economic Forum has never made a secret of the existence of these plans and have kept talking about it. Journalists who mentioned the Great Reset were quickly put in the corner of “conspiracy theorists”. Hardly anyone could imagine that such a vicious plan as the Great Reset, which involves the deliberate destruction of the economies in industrialized nations, could be put into practice. In Canada, too, all progressive “do-gooders” still believe that PM Trudeau would never deceive them.

The remuneration of the conspirators is unknown

However, anyone who has followed the press closely in recent years and obtained information from alternative media knows that Klaus Schwab from the WEF has been trying to coerce government representatives from industrialized nations for years. What he promised them so that they follow his plan is unknown, but it can be assumed that there will be something for every helper. Schwab is like a spider in the web and he has invested years and a lot of money in his plan to transform the world economy. Many smiled at the warnings, but today it turns out that the Great Reset is underway.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020 , a window of opportunity opened for the World Economic Forum to quickly introduce a new world order. What sounds like a crazy plan and probably is one, was put into practice. Everything was very precisely prepared. A year before Corona allegedly struck the world, the WEF published the report “Outbreak Readiness and Business Impact – Protecting Lives and Livelihoods across the Global Economy”, which indicates that the extensive preparations were completed. The dress rehearsal for Corona then took place in October 2019 with exercise Event 201.

“Solution for all problems”: the Great Reset

2019 began with sometimes extreme measures in different countries, until it was “decided” to simultaneously impose authoritarian control rules across the world. On June 3, 2020, Klaus Schwab and António Guterres, together with Prince Charles, among others, offered a solution to all problems – The Great Reset. Schwab said in June that the COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not adapted for the 21st century. The crisis allegedly revealed a fundamental lack of social cohesion, justice, inclusion and equality. Schwab now sees the historic moment as coming to reshape the world economic system and adapt it to his wishes and ideas.

On July 9, 2020, Schwab published the book COVID-19: The Great Reset, in which Schwab and his co-author Thierry Malleret try, not purely by chance, to explain and justify the transformation of the economy. He knows that many lives will fall by the wayside and tries to make it clear that he is only initiating everything to save the planet from the “human virus”. Klaus Schwab’s book, which is scandalous and only foams with arrogance upon arrogance, could end up on the list of notorious books at some point in the future. The megalomania leaps towards the reader on every page.

Conspirators wear the logo as a pin

Un Goals Agenda 2030 - Pin

The Great Reset was started in 2020 and since then the corona policy has dominated the industrialized countries, where the economy is now being targeted so that it can start again from scratch. Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab from the WEF is sitting in Davos and pulling the strings of his puppets, all of which he has successfully brought to his side in recent years.

Whoever belongs to his puppet theater is becoming increasingly clear thanks to a pin that his marionettes openly display and thus symbolize their support for the Great Reset.

The judiciary in Western will have it easy, thanks to the openly displayed symbolism, to prosecute the criminals who have betrayed their own countries and sold them to the interests of the World Economic Forum. Everyone who bears the symbol belongs to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset group, which is responsible for livelihoods being destroyed by means of lockdown and emergency laws. These people pretend to want to save the planet and see our economy as primarily responsible for its destruction. They consciously accept collateral damage, be it suicides due to despair and hopelessness in lockdown, or mass unemployment due to the destruction of the energy or automotive industry.

Look out for the Great Reset sign in media coverage these days and you’ll know who betrayed you. You may be surprised who is part of it.

The UN says “Governments around the world have reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic with unprecedented intensity. In doing so, they have proven that they are capable of acting and that they do not have to leave the field to the private sector if the political will is there. Now a second wave of political reactions to the pandemic is needed, which is not only aimed at economic recovery, but rather sets in motion the systemic changes that are necessary globally.”

Schwab and his accomplices are taking advantage of the many years of the planned Covid-19 crisis in order to circumvent democratic accountability, and to accelerate their agenda they impose the rest of humanity, against our will, in what he calls the “great reset”.

A new form of fascism

It is a new form of fascism that found new political forms in the 21st century in order to continue its core project of adapting humanity to socialism by authoritarian means. Schwab uses this new fascism ostensibly to save the planet, but actually it only protects the interests of the rich. In his eyes, humans are the virus from which the planet must be saved.

It was never about a virus

If enough people become aware that the governments in all countries in which corona policy is being pursued have sold their populations to the globalists, the Great Reset, all lockdowns and also the corona policy would be ended just as quickly as it was started. People have to realize: it was never about a virus, it was always about the Great Reset.

Originally published here 27/2/2021 on Transverse Wave: