The Collaborators Will Kill Us All

By Dr Vernon Coleman


The war we are fighting has already left nations financially ruined. Millions of kind and gentle people feel defeated and are spiritually lost. It is easy to feel despairing and to lose hope. In every country in the world between a quarter and a half of the population are clinically depressed and many are taking pills. Sadly, the pills won’t help them because they don’t work and are particularly pointless for exogenous depression and what I have named toxic stress – but the tranquillising and sedating effect will smother their emotions, help them hide their feelings and turn them into zombies.

And that, after all, is the plan.

It was clear, long before 1918, that in World War I the generals had completely lost touch with reality. They had lost the plot. They didn’t know what was happening in the trenches because they didn’t look. They didn’t see the evidence and so they could ignore it.

But at least their actions were driven by a mixture of arrogance, stupidity and ignorance.

Today, things are very different.

The people who are controlling what happens to us today, the globalists, the conspirators and the billionaire bankers, are acting not through arrogance, stupidity and ignorance but through criminal greed. And the globalists, the conspirators, aren’t just ignoring the evidence, they are suppressing it.

That is very different.

The truth about climate change is suppressed. The truth about covid and the covid vaccine is suppressed. The truth about masks and lockdowns is suppressed. The truth about prescription drugs is suppressed. The truths about illness and death rates are suppressed. Even the truth about traffic and pollution in cities is suppressed. Scientists who dare to tell the truth about any of these things are silenced, vilified and crushed.

Mainstream journalists used to feel some sense of responsibility to dig out the truth. Real news, after all, is just something that important, powerful people don’t want publishing.

Sure, journalists used to make mistakes and they were often crass and thoughtless. But good intentions were not unknown.

During the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and early 21st century, I used the main stream media to expose a number of cruelties and sometimes the government acted and wrongs were righted. Some editors and publishers had guts and were willing to take on politicians and big, powerful corporations. I’ve got a four drawer filing cabinet and an old trunk full of cuttings about campaigns I fought. Some we lost and some we won. But at least the truth had a chance.

No more.

There is much talk today of conspiracies and fake news but the real conspirators are the journalists at places like YouTube, Google and the BBC – now surely the world’s largest sources of fake news and misinformation.

Thanks largely to the efforts of the collaborators – without whom the conspirators would have got nowhere – we are perilously close to the end of a civilisation which has taken thousands of years to develop and which has seen off the efforts of a good many ambitious, cold-blooded tyrants.

At the start of 2020 – and crumbs, doesn’t that seem a long time ago, the world was a different place.

In early May 2020, I made a video entitled ‘Coronavirus: Silent Obedience Will Destroy Us’ in which I argued that we would only win if we managed to turn the collaborators and the gullible into sceptics. In other videos I argued that we had to be tough with the collaborators because they were our greatest threat. My point was that there weren’t many conspirators. They needed collaborators to help them and to push through their work.

(If you want to read the full transcript of that video it’s in my book ‘Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ which contains the transcripts of all my early videos which YouTube banned and erased because they contained facts and truths and YouTube, like the main stream media and most of the internet giants, suppresses and kills inconvenient truths.)

Some people were so terrified they thought lockdowns were a great idea. Some believed that everyone should stay locked in for ever or until the scientists confirm either that the last bug had been killed or that they have a safe and effective jab available. Trade union leaders insisted that their members would not go to work until they had all been equipped with the full regalia: gowns, hats, goggles, gloves and, for all I know, white rubber surgical boots and special socks. Moreover, they insisted that their members must be kept six feet away from one another at all times. Teachers wouldn’t go into work. I remember going into shops and finding assistants cowering in a corner. One woman wore a mask, a face mask, goggles, a white coat, a plastic smock, surgical boots and rubber gloves. She wouldn’t come nearer than twelve feet to me and she steadfastly refused to touch cash.

Millions were consumed by terror and believed everything the politicians said even though it was patently clear that they were lying and mocking the fearful. Overcome by fear these people would enthusiastically sell their privacy, their remaining freedom and their souls, and enthusiastically sign up for the privacy eating mobile phone apps and whatever jabs are on offer.

I pointed out, back in May 2020, that the people in this group had been terrified out of their wits by ruthless professionals bombarding them with a potent mixture of pseudoscience and scare stories, and with exaggeration and misdirection.

And I warned that ‘If this false crisis ever ends waiting lists for urgent surgery are going to be years long. Millions will be waiting for life-saving surgery, radiotherapy and so on’.

Naturally, YouTube and so on all said I was wrong about that and banned my warning. They haven’t yet written to apologise and I’m not holding my breath but I doubt if there is a single person who would now say I was wrong.

Three and a half years ago my videos were viewed by millions. Today, thanks to the censorship and the bans my videos are seen only by a few thousand. My website numbers and book sales have crashed because of bans and censorship. The CIA, GCHQ and so on have done a good job at suppressing me and spreading lies. They don’t seem to realise that they and their families will, in due course, also be victims of the collaborators and conspirators. But I still keep trying because this is a war we have to win.

Now is the time to point out that we were right about everything. Everything. Everything I wrote or said in 2020, 2021, 2022 is still available. Many of the old videos are available on BitChute and the word for word transcripts are in three books entitled Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History, Covid-19: Exposing Lies and Covid-19: the Fraud Continues.

And back in April 2020, I published a book called Coming Apocalypse in which I explained why I knew they were lying. That book, the first about the covid fraud, is still available.

The medical profession was wrong about everything. The nursing profession was wrong about everything. The politicians were wrong about everything. The journalists and broadcasters were provably wrong about everything.

We need to point this out because by proving how wrong they were, and how right we were, we can recruit more of the collaborators to our side.

It’s the collaborators who have helped the conspirators to the very edge of the Great Reset. We have to convert them to accept and understand the truth – alarming and frightening though it certainly is. The more people we can help to see the truth, the better our chances of defying the evil people pushing us towards the Great Reset.

The problem, you see, is that the collaborators are helping the globalists win the war.

Back in 2020, it was the people who obeyed the lockdowns and social distancing and who wore masks who were collaborators.

The collaborators believed what they were told by doctors, drug companies, politicians and journalists and they accepted the covid-jab. They believed what these people told them even though I had proved month after month that the doctors, drug companies, politicians and journalists were lying – providing all the evidence anyone could need. If I hadn’t been telling the truth I’d been sued a thousand times.

The doctors, drug companies, politicians and journalists knew they were wrong. Time and time again they refused to debate the issues. They simply carried on telling lies and doing everything they could to suppress the truth. Publishers everywhere banned my books, YouTube banned me. All social media banned me. Mainstream media had long since banned me. Brandnewtube was taken down and my videos there were hacked. CIA controlled editors turned Wikipedia and Google into weapons.

Today, some of the more intelligent collaborators may be a little suspicious about the value of the lockdowns, the social distancing and the masks – but they are still collaborating in other ways.

The collaborators promote woke policies without thinking about it. They accept the idea of Net Zero – provably a dangerous and damaging part of the climate change fraud. They accept the recycling nonsense – which does more harm than good to the environment. They use smart phones for banking and health care. They buy electric cars – which are worse for the environment than petrol or diesel cars. They buy heat pumps instead of gas boilers that are cheaper and which work better. They have their children jabbed with scores of vaccines which have never been proved to work or to be safe. They support the NATO backed war in Ukraine and wave their Ukraine flags around without realising that they are supporting the real enemy. They buy cryptocurrencies as investments – though these are the first step towards digital currency. They collect apps on their phones and use them in car parks and shops. They regard cash as old fashioned. They support ESG programmes. They don’t care about banks closing their branches. They don’t understand that when shops refuse cash those shops are threatening our freedom and our future.

The unthinking collaborators who teach still talk longingly about bringing back lockdowns and masks. Unthinking collaborators working in hospitals and health centres are still hiding behind their desks – refusing to see patients because they are lazy and because they are terrified of catching the flu. They are demanding that masks and social distancing be brought back. The worst of the doctors and nurses are promoting the covid-19 jab – the most toxic and deadly pharmaceutical product in history. And they are promoting it because they are ignorant.

During the First World War, munitions workers went on strike while millions of soldiers in the trenches were dying because they didn’t have any bullets for their guns. Today, millions of innocents are dying on never ending waiting lists created by the lockdowns and the social distancing and meanwhile doctors are striking for more money.

The collaborators do all these things because they simply don’t understand that by doing so they are supporting the conspirators – the billionaire bankers whose aim is to form a world government, to take total control of all the money and the food, to reduce the global population and to create a reduced population consisting only of slaves. They want high inflation so that people with savings will see their money devalued and they want higher interest rates so that people with debts and mortgages will go bankrupt and lose their homes.

Unless we can convert the collaborators to accepting the truth we have no hope and things are just going to get rapidly worse.

How can we convert the collaborators?

By proving to them that everything the conspirators said was a lie and that everything I said was the truth. We show them that my predictions were absolutely accurate. Three years ago I warned that waiting lists would soar, that the covid-19 infection was no worse than the flu because it was the flu, that the lockdowns would kill and that the covid-19 vaccine would cause massive harm and do no good. Back in 2020 I named the diseases the covid jab would cause. Three years ago I proved that the fuel and food prices would soar. I warned about inflation and higher interest rates when the central banks said it wouldn’t happen.

Everything the politicians, the doctors and the journalists said was wrong. Provably wrong.

Everything I warned about and predicted was right.

So now we have to use the past to help convince the collaborators that we are right about the future.

And we convert the collaborators by reminding them that the conspirators – and the collaborating traitors at the BMA and the BBC steadfastly refuse to debate with me because they are afraid of the truth.

Ask people who are still collaborating to watch some of my old videos and to read some of my books about covid. And I’m not saying this because I’m trying to make money. None of my videos were ever monetised. I have never had adverts on my websites or videos. I have never accepted any sponsorship. Because I am banned my income has fallen to a fraction of what it was before the fraud. Every penny I earn from my latest book Their Terrifying Plan is spent on buying and distributing that book. Last week I was offered a fee to provide a video for a campaigning group. That was the first fee I’ve been offered in the last three and a half years. I immediately told the organisers to spend the whole fee buying copies of Their Terrifying Plan to give away.

If you want to know more about any of this please look at my books: Coming Apocalypse, Endgame, Social Credit – Nightmare on your street and They want your money and your life. They’re all listed in the books sections of my websites. If you want to know the truth about the myth of climate change read Zina Cohen’s small book called Greta’s Homework.

My latest book Their Terrifying Plan provides an overview and explains why, how, when and who is responsible for what is happening to us. I’ve traced the Great Reset back to its roots and the book contains some real surprises and some genuine shocks. For the record, every penny I receive in royalties is spent on buying copies to distribute to politicians and editors.

Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else you can think of. Try it on YouTube to see if they’re awake. Remember I’m banned from all social media, and have been since the start of this fraud. And yet the big players allow fake channels in my name – and won’t take them down. Anything on social media with my name on it is fake. And don’t trust anything on YouTube, of course.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. Please remember that although it may seem like it, you’re not alone. More and more people are waking up and once awake they don’t go back to sleep.

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Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. And remember – we have God on our side.

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