‘The Dystopian World of Slavery and Death That the Globalist Delirium Wants to Build Can Be Avoided’ – Archbishop Viganò

By Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Dear Friends,

Allow me first of all to thank Dr. Francesco Toscano for the invitation to speak at this National Congress with a brief reflection, which I hope will help to direct your action to the service of the common good.

We are now facing an epochal threat, in the form of a coup d’état perpetrated by the globalist elite. This coup d’état has only recently appeared in full evidence, but the rambling statements of the participants in the Davos Forum that has just ended are the result of a subversive project carried out for decades. A project that is based on lies, blackmail, and corruption.

Lies. All the reasons given by the globalist network to legitimize their action are false, or rather: they are false pretexts that deliberately hide other unmentionable reasons. There is nothing scientific or rational about the measures taken to address recent crises. Instead, there is a willingness to hide their criminal intentions behind flimsy arguments, in pursuit of which we only waste time and energy. The pandemic farce, the crises in Ukraine and Palestine, global warming, and everything that in theory is said to justify the measures taken by governments, the European Union, and the United Nations against us, have the sole purpose of making any opposition impossible, in the name of emergencies that have been pre-planned down to the smallest detail.

Blackmail. In order to achieve the transition of the population to the globalist model in which everything is in the hands of the elite, the architects of the Great Reset act deliberately, step by step. The first step is to place their “product” – because it is a product that they sell – alongside what we already have or can have by our own means. It can be Canadian GMO wheat that is combined with organic wheat from small farms, private healthcare combined with public healthcare, electric cars added to gas cars, smart working from a remote location combined with work in the office. It appears that the new alternative – which has a cost in economic and human terms for the user – is not imposed but simply presented as a possibility. Once they have succeeded in introducing their “product,” they make sure that the first option we had is in fact unsustainable because it has become too expensive or hampered by EU regulations. Obviously, cost increases are intentionally caused using crises and managed emergencies as the pretext. Thus we find ourselves no longer having, free of charge or at reasonable prices, the goods and services we previously had and we are forced to accept that we can only have their “product” – whose price and conditions of delivery they decide.

This transition is obviously a forced one, and it aims to take away the autonomy that we previously had. We can no longer choose whether to use a gas car, because only electric vehicles are allowed to operate in the city and a European standard prohibits the repair of old cars; we cannot eat natural foods, because the fields have been expropriated or the farms have been bankrupted or because the European Union pays them not to produce, or because trade agreements oblige us to import wheat from Canada and milk from New Zealand; we cannot schedule a test from the National Health Service, because cuts have been imposed on public spending in favour of private healthcare. This is the mentality of blackmail: closing all possible escape routes from the globalist nightmare, to force us in the desired direction, in the name of an imaginary impending danger (the pandemic, used to force vaccinations; the Ukrainian crisis, used to increase energy costs; the declining birth rate, used to import cheap labor from the Third World with relative ethnic replacement).

Global warming, if we look at things from this perspective, appears as a colossal (false) pretext aimed at imposing the Agenda 2030, which results in a transfer of money from small and medium-sized enterprises to large financial groups, with impoverishment of the population and disproportionate profits for multinationals based in tax havens. If you notice, this scheme is invariably used, even in areas that seem to escape the mercantile logic that moves these subversives. I am sure that all of you are aware of many cases in which these principles apply.

Lies and blackmail, then. But also corruption: because without the active cooperation of the political class, the media, the judiciary, the police, teachers, doctors, and even an ecclesiastical hierarchy that has become the servant of the elite, these lies and blackmail would not have been possible. If you look at those who hold positions of government and who hold power at the highest levels of institutions today, you will find almost exclusively people from the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow. Klaus Schwab brazenly acknowledged this: “We have managed to infiltrate all Western governments.” How? With money, of course, because they create the money and even print it, since central banks are private companies headed by a few well-known investment funds and in turn chaired by members of the World Economic Forum. BlackRock and Vanguard own the public debt of many nations, which they can also blackmail through rating agencies or through pressure from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Eurpoean Central Bank. And when the money doesn’t arrive, electoral fraud, show trials, “suicides” and accidents do.

You may wonder why an Archbishop would consider it necessary to address issues that apparently have no relation to the Faith. I think that, after the past few years, it has now become clear that we are facing an epochal attack, the aim of which is the establishment of a synarchy presided over by the Antichrist. A world government, which they euphemistically call “global governance,” in which of course they will be in charge and we will obey or be socially or physically excluded. In this subversive framework, all Western states, with very rare exceptions, are hostage to this network of subversives who believe themselves to be masters of the world and who have placed themselves at the service of the “prince of this world,” who is Satan.

What do Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and all their accomplices and minions want? Evil. For evil to befall us, certainly. For indeed they consider us as the evil of the Planet, and in order to exterminate us they poison us in body and soul, because they see in us, in you, in your children, in the elder generation, the work of God, in Whose Image and Likeness we have been created. This is what Dennis Meadows, a member of the Club of Rome from which the World Economic Forum was formed, tells us, among others, when he theorizes the reduction of the world population to one billion people, candidly acknowledging that 87.5% of the current inhabitants of the planet will have to be eliminated through civil wars, famines, pestilences and sterility (here). And if the sterility induced by drugs and adulterated foods were not enough, there is the LGBTQ agenda and gender ideology, through which the elite favors the homosexualization of society and introduces the possibility of submitting children to gender transition interventions from their earliest years, with the complicity of corrupt legislators ready to revoke parental authority from those who will not submit to having their children mutilated. The insistence on the sexualization of children carried out by the UN and the WHO, along with the proposals to lower the age of consent and to decriminalize pedophilia, has the disturbing result of providing fresh meat to the network of perverts, the numerous guests of Epstein’s island, people who infest the top levels of many institutions and as such are easily blackmailable.

This is a battle that cannot be fought with exclusively human weapons, because spiritual powers are taking part in it that feed on hatred of God, of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and of human beings, whom they envy because, unlike demons, they merited to be redeemed by the Incarnation of the Eternal Son of the Father. These powers also hate Creation, which the Lord has made freely available to us. It is gratuitously available, because God’s work is gratuitous, the fruit of magnificence and generosity, while everything that comes from the devil has a price, it is a commodity to be exchanged, something that can be bought and sold.

You, dear friends, must clearly understand what is at stake for our society and above all for the world in which our children will live. It is not a question of fleeing from one nation plunged into dictatorship while the rest of the world is free, because it is now the whole Western world that has been turned into a concentration camp in which people who have not been elected are in charge, people who should be locked up forever in prison for their crimes. We cannot escape elsewhere, but rather we must fight for our own survival, here and now.

So how can you resist? How can we effectively oppose this hateful dictatorship? Certainly not with the blunt weapons that our enemy would like us to use: it would be like taking the field armed with arrows against tanks. Not with old ideologies created on purpose because they would fail, such as communist collectivism on the one hand and liberal individualism on the other. Not with the idols of a false freedom and democracy, broken toys that have allowed the Masonic lodges to subvert the social order, making people believe that they can do without God by deifying the state, the individual, or both.

I would like to emphasise here an element that I believe is very important in order to understand the extent of the attack we are experiencing. The “masterstroke” of the New World Order consists in having brought together, in an infernal alliance, Liberalism and Communism (two sides of the same Masonic coin) to its advantage. On the one hand, by restricting the positive intervention of the state, which offers citizens free of charge or at non-market rates those services that the elite wants to privatize in order to make a profit; on the other hand, by using the coercive force of a supranational socialist regime to distort competition with small and medium-sized enterprises and to reduce labour costs. In a sense, the elite has succeeded in ousting the state from its natural role in favor of a super-state that acts not in the interests of the collective, but of the elite itself. This, ultimately, is the role of the European Union and the U.S. federal government, both in the hands of the deep state.

To fight the enemy according to his falsified rules is absurd and ruinous. Fight him rather by contrasting lies with Truth, vile blackmail with the will to do Good, corruption with honesty. Saint Paul also tells us: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Rom 12:21). And in this epochal struggle, in this clash between Light and darkness, even those who are not Christians can be your allies, if with honesty and courage they understand that the very foundations of the Law of Nature, respect for the sacredness of life, the defense of the natural family, the right of parents to educate their children, and the protection of property, labor and business, are all in danger.

Our apparent weakness, our disorganization, our means which are incomparably inferior to those available to the globalist elite may even be strengths, because they allow us to escape their control. We need to act outside the box, creating local, national and international networks that allow us to present a common front against the common enemy. We need to rediscover the pride of our civilization, of our culture, of our Faith, of our ability to rise again in the midst of difficulties thanks to our ingenuity and our hope, thanks to which we do not allow the future to be snatched away from us by those who are attempting to destroy our present after having erased our past.

Be strong, dear Friends! And do not be intimidated by those who want you to believe on the basis of a colossal fraud that everything is decided and irrevocable. We are not laboratory guinea pigs that a mad scientist observes as they scurry through a maze: this is the vision of those who do not know how to love, indeed of those who only know how to hate, of those who do not understand that man is capable of acts of heroism for the sake of the Love of God and of his brothers and sisters; of those who do not want to recognize that the Lord is truly Omnipotent, and that the destinies of the world and of History are in His hands; a history in which, let us not forget, God accompanies and protects us as Our Father.

The dystopian world of slavery and death that the globalist delirium wants to build can be avoided if we know how to unite under the Cross of Christ. For it is only before the Cross that these wicked people lose all power and show themselves for what they really are.

A final recommendation, which I make to you as a Pastor: do not give in to the mentality of the world, which would like to make you ashamed of your honesty, your rectitude, and your religion, as if they were defects to be hidden. It is rather dishonesty, moral corruption, selfishness, and vice that ought to be ashamed. Do not be ashamed to be people who love the Lord, who pray, who sacrifice, who struggle. Because it will not be Klaus Schwab, George Soros, or Ursula von der Leyen who will judge you, but the Lord who said to us: Have confidence, I have overcome the world (Jn 16:33).

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Do you feel overwhelmed by the evil of today? Do you want to help save the world, your neighbour, your own soul?

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Rom 12:21)

With Christ, all things are possible. Take part in Adoration.

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