The Legal System-Fighting a Monster and a Machine

The law was once a shield to protect our civil liberties but has now been co opted into an umbrella to cover-up the incompetence, negligence and malfeasance of our governments; while the process is now wielded like a sword to punish the individual. The Canadian legal system is a machine and monster that does not seek truth nor justice but feeds and grows upon the financial destruction of the victims it creates.

I’ve chosen not to feed this monster any longer and will represent myself on the spurious allegations that my outspoken defence of freedom during the convoy are criminal.

Former lawyers and para legals have volunteered to assist me to fight back and defeat this machine & monster. There will still be costs for the process but the legal machine will not be the beneficiary of my efforts. (Randy Hillier/No More Lockdowns Canada/YT)

Use the link below to support Randy Hillier’s legal case.

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A symbol for freedom, peace, and truth!