The Anti-heterosexist Curriculum

Governments are Grooming our Kids

Learn the most guarded secrets of how and why our political parties have been grooming and abusing our youth for decades. There is much more to come.

Mr. Hillier exposes the grooming and abuse committed against our children by politicians and the cover-ups committed by their parties. He shines a light on the anti-heterosexual policies being pushed and adopted by every political party, regardless of colour, secretly and quietly, over the last few decades.

YouTube and Facebook are heavily suppressing this message.

Our colleagues, friends, and family members need to know of these clear and present dangers. You can help by circumventing the censorship, sharing this powerful and explosive information, and encouraging them to do the same.

Randy has been gradually and systematically exposing how our political parties rig the nomination process, rig the leadership races, use theatrics to disguise and distract people, their protection rackets with corporate and special interest groups, and how the political swamp is not the only one needing to be drained. But there is much more to expose.

(No More Lockdowns/Randy Hillier/YT)

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