The Lunacy of Net Zero and the UK’s Political Parties

By J G Wraith

Here is my note on the lunacy of net zero by the UK government and political parties. I estimate from published sources that the effect of the UK reaching net zero is about 36 ppm (Parts per million) of 1 degC. The UK produces about 1% of the worlds CO2 and I suggest that this gives a fairly reliable figure for estimating the effect of annual emissions of CO2. If you agree with my analysis and figures, you can use this to fight the catastrophic insane rush to net zero.


This note aims to expose the fallacy of net zero and how the current main UK political
parties are all promoting the myth. It will examine how certain factors have contributed to this situation by comparing the effect of CO2 on global temperature and the UK’s contribution. In all the hype of human activities supposedly increasing global temperatures and the claimed deleterious effect on the earth’s climate, the actual effect of achieving net zero on the earth’s temperature is rarely mentioned, because it is insignificant.

This statement can be seen to be supported by two graphs of the effect of CO2 on global temperatures which are presented and discussed. These graphs produced by the IPCC and eminent professors Dr William Happer, of Princeton University and Dr van Wijngaarden, of York University, Canada, are referred to as (H&vW) and IPCC in the discussion that follows.

The H&vW graph indicates that the current solution to the so-called global warming to reduce global human CO2 to pre-industrial emissions by all the countries in the world may only reduce the global temperature increase by: 0.0036 of 1°C or 3,600 ppm of 1°C

So the UK should only reduce the global temperature after reducing its CO2 output to pre-industrial levels by a derisory: 0.000036 of 1°C or 36 ppm of 1°C

It must be noted that the results presented in this note are estimated values interpreted from Figures 1 and 2 rather than absolute values. However, I believe that the results obtained are of the right order.

In addition, it should be noted that the results presented in this note obtained from the IPCC graph have been ignored as there is ample evidence, referred to in the text and in the Appendix, which show that the IPCC reports are unreliable as they are intended to vigorously promote the global warming fallacy at all costs and to avoid giving any impression of alternative views.

So the question is: Why are the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green and SNP parties and many civil servants so keen to destroy the UK economy, knowing that net zero is unachievable and is already ruining the lives and livelihoods of many UK citizens and taxpayers? They are ignoring the best interests of the UK and are complying with the globalist agenda of the WEF, UN, EU and IPCC.

Download the full document here: Climate Change – The UK Contribution

Net Zero 2050 UK



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