The MHRA Safety Scam – BBC Complicity and Gibberish

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:25 – New, New Variant is Scary Again or Maybe Not Perhaps

03:36 – Is Denmark About To Lift Restrictions?

05:00 – Mortality Statistics Deception Acknowledged

08:42 – Full Fact Attack

12:06 – Antivirals

18:46 – Mike Yeadon & Harvey Risch Testimony

24:09 – The MHRA Safety Scam – BBC Complicity and Gibberish

40:27 – Undoing White Supremacy With Pandemics

42:44 – Canadian RCMP Constable Speaks Out As MSM Hides Reality

45:45 – Liberal Party Founder’s Son Resigns And Speaks Out In Australia

48:30 – More UK Led NATO Pressure On Russia

01:02:32 – Children Instilled With Fear In School Psyop

01:07:02 – NHS GP Whistleblower

01:09:41 – Government Launch Cyber Security Strategy

01:13:40 – Robotic Transformation Of Mankind in the Transhuman Programme

01:17:13 – And Finally

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