The ‘Next Normal’? No Thank You!

The Rockefeller Foundation is as dodgy as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. People like this like to call themselves philanthropists, but in reality they are investing money to gain even more and to bring forward their evil agenda (depopulation, digital enslavement etc.). In March 2022, the Rockefeller Foundation released a roadmap for living with covid, a plan for ‘getting to and sustaining the next normal’.

If you’ve had enough of tyrannical and obscene rules and instructions in the past two years, then now is the time to ignore the powers that be. Take back responsibility for your life, make decisions for yourself and leave the conspirators behind—and learn to read between the lines! The following agenda is not for our benefit, it is to take away our freedom and to implement more surveillance in order to reach complete control.

This is dangerous and deceiving stuff:

Getting to and Sustaining the Next Normal: A Roadmap for Living With Covid is a strategic roadmap for how Americans can get to and sustain the next normal. It acknowledges that eliminating Covid-19 is not a realistic goal. Instead, it argues that the nation must plan to mitigate the effects of Covid-19, prepare for variants and possible other novel viruses, and construct a new normal in which endemic Covid-19 does not necessitate emergency measures and the massive societal disruptions endured these past two years.

The roadmap recognizes that the demands of Covid-19 on the economy, the nation’s children, parents, and vulnerable members, and the challenges posed by a virus that constantly surprises the experts, are unprecedented. Consequently, it offers comprehensive but practical advice regarding masks, vaccines, testing, schools, public health communication, and returning to work. Key provisions of the new recommendations include:

  1. Shift focus from Covid-19 to all respiratory viral illnesses (influenza, RSV) with the goal of not surpassing the worst flu season in annual deaths.
  2. Expect fewer deaths from Covid-19 in 2022 than in each of the two previous years; even the pessimistic model projects about half as many deaths.
  3. Create a Federally funded public dashboard that shows all key metrics for local communities to guide lifting or imposing restrictions.
  4. Start new initiatives to develop new, more effective therapeutics and vaccines.
  5. Direct the EPA and OSHA to develop new standards to improve air quality; direct states and localities to use ARP funds on ventilation and air filtration at schools and public buildings.
  6. End school-based quarantines; establish a policy that schools should be last to close and first to open.
  7. Create a unified scientific and regulatory response to Long Covid-19, including funding a significant program of research and providing disability benefits to sufferers.
  8. Codify new telemedicine regulations to maximize ease for health care providers to operate across the country; invest in the mental health of the health care workforce.
  9. Invest in a massive upgrade of the public health surveillance and data and analytical infrastructure.
  10. Fund research to better understand Covid-related health disparities and begin to address them by leveraging infrastructure of faith-based communities and creating a permanent cadre of embedded community public health workers.



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