The Truth Must Be Told

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What a struggle it has been at times for the White Rose and others who have battled against the tide for the last few years.

Well done to those who have diligently battled against the tide on COVID beach, and climate beach.

We all hope that in years to come we are able to say not ‘WHOdunnit’, but WHO did not do it.

As we also know, once the tide flows in, it spreads from beach to beach.

Further to recent remarks concerning Gaza, we can see another place where the mainstream tide is forceful, without being scrutinised…

Those beachcombers who look amongst the rocks and in the rock pools are inevitably finding that the mainstream narrative has missed some critical detail.

If there are economists hiding out there, they might think that with the disproportionate levels of aid that have been poured in, Gaza should be the new Singapore. Of course that has not happened. Somehow UNWRA has not been able to leverage such a transformation.

Instead reports are filtering out like the one below.

Those with the requisite journalistic skills may be able to confirm the facts and verify the Arabic transalation.

With what the last three years have revealed elsewhere I am inclined to believe the report.

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connec1ng the World to Israel in Realtime”

The IDF spokesperson released a recording of a conversation in Arabic between an IDF officer and a resident of Gaza regarding the aid entering the Strip through the Rafah crossing: food, drink, medical equipment, diesel and gas.

In the conversation, the resident clarifies that Hamas has a hand in everything. It completely controls the aid administered by UNRWA – the UN Refugee Agency.
The officer asks Gazan: Didn’t you try to talk to the UNRWA people about Hamas taking over the aid? Then, at minute 01:31 of the recording, the Gazan says a key phrase that should catch the attention of everyone in Israel and abroad:

nا سlدي، موظ fe الوaالة هم حماس d

Sir, UNRWA officials they are Hamas

For those who follow what is happening in Gaza, this is not surprising, but it is definitely a testimony that needs to be echoed. Many UNRWA personnel are Hamas personnel. They are UN officials, receive a salary from the UN and take care of Hamas’ interests using European money. The truth must be told. Here it is heard first-hand.

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