Don’t Vote for Suicidal UK Policies

Dear Sir

Danish renewable energy firm Orsted said Wednesday it will build the world’s single largest offshore wind farm off Britain’s eastern coast.

I cannot for the life of me understand the thinking behind the massive wind farm order. This is an intermittent power source, which will demand huge subsidies from UK householders and taxpayers and which will require a reliable back-up power generation system when it is producing little or no electricity. Apart from being unreliable offshore wind farms are a blight on the landscape and are a massive hazard to bird life. It is also being built by a Danish company which will increase our existing massive total balance of payments deficit with the EU which has already cost us over £2 trillion.

The alternative is to invest heavily in Rolls Royce SMRs, which can be operated continuously (except for maintenance periods) and which are designed and made in the UK by the world renowned UK manufacturer. In addition, SMRs provide the same energy output pa at a lower capital cost than wind farms. Also, 370,000 miles of new HV cables and overhead lines, must be installed to connect remote wind and solar farms. The reactors in RN submarines are expected to last for over 30 years, compared with a 20-year typical life span for a wind turbine.and 40,000 UK jobs will be created during development and commissioning of SMRs – leaving us independent in spares and back up. Once these are fully developed and operational they would provide excellent export potential, thereby earning the UK valuable foreign funds.

The only valid reason must be that this Conservative government has a death wish for UK design and manufacturing. In this it is surely joined by the Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties. So in the next general election please do not vote for suicidal UK policies by voting for any of these parties.


J Wraith

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