Responses to Dr Vernon Coleman’s Article on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dear Sir,

I look forward to receiving the weekly newsletter from the White Rose. I enjoy the rigour of the research, the perseverance and the inquiring minds and the ability to reach behind the curtain and look at hidden truths not revealed by the mainstream. I welcome the broad spectrum of opinions. Whilst not agreeing with every viewpoint, it is refreshing to see that not every thinking mind is chained to politically correct narratives.

This week, however, there is something very bitter in the White Rose cup which I feel must be dealt with. In fact the original ‘Weisse Rose’ came into being to resist that self-same bitter tasting drug.

Sadly, that very bitterness originates alongside and within the sweet-scented ‘Weisse Rose’ treasure that is Dr Vernon Coloeman. The article ‘Why Israel Really Invaded Gaza – The Shocking Truth Behind the Genocide’ is out of character.

It is out of character for the doctor himself. It may be clever and articulate, but it betrays a lack of rigorous analysis.
It is out of character coming from an organisation whose roots lie in prayer to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
It is out of character for those who understand the words of this same God concerning His holy land and His people of promise (see Genesis 12:3)

I would argue that there is a serious lack of rigour in the analysis because it shows a failure to examine the raison d’etre of the Islamic Resistance Movement (aka Hamas). The movement’s charter was published to the outside world in 1988, so over a generation ago.

The BBC, of all people, are also quoted concerning updates posted to the charter in 2017, ‘Hamas restates the Palestinians’ claim to all the land “from the River Jordan in the East to the Mediterranean Sea in the West” ‘and ‘they make clear that Hamas remains committed to what it calls “armed resistance” against Israel.’

If one chooses to research a little bit further, it then becomes apparent that one of the Hamas patriarchs was a guest of Hitler in Berlin from 1941 until forced to flee from prosecution for war crimes. Check the accounts of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem, a guest of Hitler in Berlin from 1941-46. Among the Jihadist organisations on whom Haj Amin al-Husseini had the most profound influence is the Muslim Brotherhhod. Al-Husseini made his escape to Egypt as a war criminal on 20 June 1946 with the assistance of the Brotherhood; upon his arrival, Hasan al-Banna, the founder and leader of the Brotherhood, appointed al-Husseini his “official representative and personal supervisor of the Brotherhood’s activities in Palestine.” In al-Husseini the Muslim Brotherhood saw one of their most powerful allies in the spread of Islamic Jihadism in the postwar era. In al-Husseini’s bent toward a (…) Jew hatred, they found their common denominator.

My guess is that the best part of 100 years ago when the seeds were being planted for the 7 October 2023 massacre incited by the Hamas charter none of the oil deposits about which Dr Coleman speaks were located, identified or quantified.

There is for certain a debate about how far a nation or nations should go to defend themselves against aggression, but again a modest amount of research reveals ‘Israel has described its war aims as the destruction of Hamas’s capability. From a legal perspective, these war aims are consistent with proportionality in the law of self-defence, given what Hamas says and does and what Hamas has done and continues to do.’

Perhaps slightly more difficult to argue, but no less certain, is the known use by HAMAS of underground arms caches, human shield and the choice to fire its rockets for years from within the compounds of schools and even UN sponsored organisations. One also knows that in other theatres of war the BBC and others are careful to explain, even if obliquely, that their news reports from the ground are censored by the host side, and that straight to camera action video is carefully stage-managed. Even without that envelope, one must be allowed to question the accuracy and focus of the narrative.

All this could, of course, have been avoided if the BBC had simply chosen to report ‘HAMAS is a terrorist organisation’, whereby the narrative becomes the suffering inflicted by HAMAS on all those who do not pursue its ideals, not that there is a price to pay for salvation and redemption.

By using the phrasing ‘HAMAS, designated as a terrorist organisation by the UK government’ on all its UK BBC News content, the Controller of the BBC is implicitly saying 2 things;

a) the BBC does not agree with UK government and

b) The Controller of the BBC has authority to decide whether words and actions by the King and HM Government should be supported by the population.

The dangerous precedent has been set. The impact has been seen on the streets of London and other cities

Going into an election year the Controller of the BBC is saying that they alone have the authority to set the political agenda.

Going into an election year the Controller of the BBC is saying that the organisation will support mob rule according to the agenda set by BBC News.

Our hope must be that the population at large will not be deceived by the trickery for which the ground has been prepared. I am sure that Dr Coleman will redouble efforts to avoid the snares laid before him.

Kind Regards


A video sent to us from H. explaining how the Israelites left the Gaza region (‘Shocking Truth About Israel Leaving Gaza’ – Israel MyChannel/YT):

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