The New Woke Agenda Does Much More Harm than Good to Society

Russell Brand is Wrong! It’s Not About Money:

Russell Brand is wrong when he says they’re out to shut down independent media outlets – it’s much, much worse than that! (Jeff Taylor/YT)

A Comment on Evil Vaccination Plans:

I was listening to a discussion on the Jeremy Vine show with a member of the NHS or Government, I didn’t quite get which. But it went on to say that to save the NHS and cut down on hospital admissions in the future, they plan to vaccinate unborn children. Not only is this immoral but an unborn child cannot give informed consent.

How far are these people going to go with their vaccinations, it’s now become you need a vaccine for everything from tonsillitis to crocodile pox. If vaccines work, why are so many Victorian diseases coming back when they say they have eradicated them? When are people going to wake up? I feel people are now too brainwashed to think for themselves anymore.

Have a Happy New Year. Blessed be to all at the White Rose.


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