Alleged Garabandal Prophecies: Heaven Is Preparing a ‘Divine Reset’ from God

Forgotten Garabandal prophecies: Heaven is preparing a ‘Divine Reset’ from God: Catholic author Ted Flynn is sounding the alarm about the ‘Divine Reset’ that Heaven is preparing for the world as foretold in the prophecies of Garabandal. Flynn’s new book, Garabandal—the Warning and the Great Miracle: The Divine Reset that Will Correct the Conscience of

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UK Prays

UK Prays—Invitation to Pray for the UK (Organised by UK Prays) Why:  To put our country, which is currently undergoing the most severe crisis in its history, under the protection of Our Lady. We pray the Rosary for cohesion and reconciliation in society, for peace, and true freedom. We pray for the people, for the

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