Vaccine Deaths Finally Hit Mainstream News

Taboo topics are usually unveiled first with Fox News and then spread to other outlets, with CNN and MSNBC being the last to report truth (if ever). And so another starts now with Fox News actually mentioning deaths caused by the COVID “Vaccine.” This video is from December 2023. (PJ Glassey/Brighteon)

Report by Channel 4: “Mandatory heart screening” Are they desperately trying to cover up the harm caused by the covid death shots?!

Sudden cardiac death affecting 12 young people every week – what is this ‘silent killer’:

The charity Cardiac Risk in the Young estimates that every week, at least 12 people aged between 14 and 35 suffer sudden cardiac death – and 1 in 300 may carry the condition.

A leading pathologist has told this programme they believe those figures are an under-estimate.

The mother of one young woman who died is campaigning for grassroots sports clubs to give young athletes – who are potentially most at risk – mandatory heart screening by specialists. (Channel 4 News/YT)

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