Medicare Death Data Confirms the Covid Vaccines Are Killing People

By Dr Steve Kirsch

Medicare death data confirms the covid vaccines are killing people. No more doubts. Same anomaly in all five countries.
I don’t know how doctors can ignore this; it is crystal clear. The slope of deaths per day post shot goes up. It is supposed to go down. You can’t ignore this. You can’t explain it.

Executive summary

If you do a simple plot of the absolute number of deaths per day after a vaccine shot is given vs. the number of days that have elapsed since the shot, other than for a brief 21-day period after the shot, the number of deaths per day will always monotonically decline over time in a safe vaccine.

But for the COVID vaccine, it monotonically increases over time for up to 365 days straight.

This happens in every country, after every dose that I have data on! That’s stunning. It’s never supposed to go up unless something huge is happening in the background, and even then, it would be time limited.

A positive slope for 1 year post vaccination is unprecedented. It means the COVID vaccine is killing people. There is no other explanation. Nobody can explain it. Instead, they claim there might be a confounder and that my failure to find a confounder is not proof that no such confounder exists. (…)

Here’s what we know:

  1. This effect has never been seen before (monotonic increase over 365 days since the first COVID shot). So it has to be caused by something novel, not in existence before 2021.
  2. It is not a background effect or we would have seen it in the pneumococcal vaccine
  3. The medicare queries that we run for both graphs were identical except for the vaccine, so it isn’t a coding artifact.
  4. The effect is ONLY seen for the COVID vaccine.
  5. The effect is correlated to the administration of the COVID vaccine.
  6. Increasing mortality by a 30% differential is huge. What it is causing this had to have been injected into people because nothing external kills people like this.
  7. The effect is happening in every country I have COVID vax data on.

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