Vaccine Injuries – Turbo Cancer

Dr. Charles Hoffe: As a family doctor a small percentage of cancer patients would be diagnosed with stage 4. Now 2/3rds of my cancer patients are diagnosed with stage 4.

The tumours are bigger than ever, they grow aggressively, spread very aggressively, and are very resistant to treatment.

Canadians doctors discuss the covid vaccine disaster, sudden deaths, turbo cancer and the deaths of 80+ Canadian doctors speak out .

Doctors Charles Hoffe, Stephen Malthouse, Christopher Shaw and guest doctor William Makis discuss the mysterious sudden deaths of 80+ Canadian doctors and the rapid turbo cancers they are now seeing in patients. They also discuss deleted death data, smear campaigns, case studies and more.

Video Source: (Real Truth Real News/Rumble)

Could “long COVID” actually be long vax? Yes, according to Dr. Pierre Kory:

Could “long COVID” actually be long vax? Yes, according to Dr. Pierre Kory. In Dr. Kory’s clinical observations, “the vast majority are long vax.”

“If you look at my practice, maybe 1200 patients: 70% are long vax, not long COVID, meaning all of their issues, the syndrome, started after the vaccine, not COVID.”

Do you recall the black humoured news cast at speed, where the claimed % efficacy of the injections slid down from 97 or 99% to nothing (but you go to heaven)?

I think we’re going to see the % of “long covid” going down & the % being recognized as “long vax” rising.

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