White Rose Leaflets Updated

It’s time for action, so let’s bring the message to the people! Every Saturday, we bring leaflets to people’s homes. You can join this action too by putting leaflets through the letter flaps of homes where ever you are.

Feel free to print out and distribute the leaflets available on this homepage, or you can of course create your own. We have updated our leaflet. Please feel free to print, copy and distribute! You can download leaflets here.

We will also hand out leaflets to pedestrians in town while wearing sweatshirts with the message “Defend Freedom – Defend Humanity”. You can get your own jumpers/t-shirts here.

Writing Challenge 2023

What is your optimistic vision of the future? Share your ideas on how to resist the Great Reset and the digital trap and to live a life of freedom. Take part in our new writing challenge and get published: Writing Challenge 2023—How to Avoid Digital Slavery