A Sad Excursion

By Cherry Hughs

Covid-19, oh how I am sick of that phrase. This sheep in wolves clothing has been given license to destroy lives all over the world. For me it has trashed and stolen my career, helped me to finally distrust and disengage from the institutions that I once (stupidly) trusted, but more than that, it has ripped families apart and laid waste to relationships and ended normal human contact.

I hear the phrase, Covid-19, and I feel a visceral disgust deep in my gut.

I am currently in Spain, the home of my mother. The phenomenon of C-19, has kept me from seeing her after her stroke in early 2020, travel to see her then was pointless, I was told I would not be able to enter the hospital to see her, and, shortly thereafter, the draconian ‘lockdowns’ or, illegal incarceration of an innocent public, had banned my travel to Spain, for the crime of not taking an untested experimental and dangerous gene therapy.

I have learned that my mother has been injected with at least two of the gene shots, she has had numerous falls, she is doped up on valium, sleeps until the afternoon, is painfully cachexic and has declined physically and mentally in the last two years beyond anything I thought possible.

She is disconnected from her family, from her life and from all that she should derive pleasure from. It is viscerally painful and I want to scream out into the night sky and demand answers from something, from someone, but there is no answer forthcoming.

I fear I have lost her, in fact, I know I have , and there is nothing that I possess within my power to change any of it.

This is one story, reimagined for a generation of people in the covid era, and I hate all those who have allowed, by virtue of their filthy greed snd self interest, to stand by and will this to happen.