Agenda 2030 in Full Swing

You know the Agenda 2030 is in full swing, when certain gatherings are forbidden and others aren’t. It was the same during the alleged covid pandemic: Gatherings for those opposing the mandates were brutally suppressed, but (Soros sponsored) BLM and (Stanley Johnson supported) Extinction Rebellions demonstrations were tolerated, or even supported. It’s fine to talk about reducing carbon footprints among the population, whilst flying around the globe in private jets. The list could go on and on. It just shows that the Agenda 2030 hasn’t got you and your family’s best interest at heart, it doesn’t care about the poor, it doesn’t respect nature, it causes racial division rather than unity. In one word: the Agenda 2030, just like the “great reset”, is a smoke screen set up by liars holding the purse strings.

The Spectator Australia reported recently:

Just three days after Daniel Andrews expressed doubts about whether it would be safe to hold an Australia Day Parade, the Victoria Premier has announced a Pride street party.

With Covid still circulating in the community, the government is taking a cautious approach to January 26 Australia Day celebrations.

You might imagine that with the Monkey pox being declared a global emergency and circulating in a very specific community, the government might also take a cautious approach to Gay Pride gatherings.

Not so much. (Read the full article here:

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