‘I Will Never Accept another MRNA Vaccine and I’m Far from Alone’ – Neale Hanvey MP

Neale Hanvey MP from UK, drops a powerful speech, joint by Andrew Bridgen, citing Kevin McKernan’s DNA contamination research in Parliament, during an excess deaths debate.

“Kevin McKernan made an accidental discovery. He was shocked to find [the mRNA vials] were contaminated with Plasmid DNA”. He goes on to say that “Other scientists have confirmed these findings”.

“This means that they are not vaccines at all, but genetically modified organisms that should have been subject to totally different regulatory conditions, and certainly not be classed as vaccines”.

“He concludes that piece by saying – No ifs no buts any longer, all mRNA vaccines must be halted now”.

This speaker, after mentioning he has already had two shots of mRNA vaccine states that: “The value of vaccination has been deeply damaged and personally, I’ll say this absolutely frankly. I WILL NEVER ACCEPT another mRNA vaccine, and I am far from alone.” (Truth Provider/Bitchute)

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