Barbaric Australia

By Roy R M McIntosh

There is so much evil being shown in the world at present, but in my eyes Australia is at a higher level, and it comes as no shock. What I do not understand is how it is being allowed!? Where are the churches – Amnesty International, the Criminal Court etc.? Have they all been bought off like the politicians?

My introduction to Australia would have been at school. Kangaroos, cuddly Koalas and the land of rolling plains and choo-choo trains. We were no doubt told about Captain Cook and how the savages did not like him and his motley crew. I am sure the Aborigines have other tales!

Late December 1974 I had my first real experience of Australia as I landed at Perth Airport. Now, that was like jumping out of a fridge into an oven! One evening went to a disco with an Irish fella and in the disco along with others were a couple of Aborigine lassies. At one point I said ‘Hello!’ and one replied: ‘Why are you speaking to us?’ Never thought much of it… A few days later I was in the Pilbara area working in a mine and the workers were another motley crew from various places with a good blend of Aussies. Very soon I picked up racist vibes towards the Aborigines.

By 1976 I had moved on from the mine, worked with a fishing boat company and was then on my travels again. In Victoria, I had an uncle who had left Scotland in 1922. He had never been back to Scotland, so it was great to visit him and his family. He told me that he had worked on farms and in forestry. In one conversation the Aborigines came up. He said if they came on the land they were chased and chopped down! Not sure what he meant and never asked…

I moved up to Queensland and once again there were no good stories about the Aborigines, just derogatory remarks. What I did observe in West Australia, Victoria and Queensland was that no Aborigines had good jobs. If they did, they must have been on night shift! Whilst I was in Queensland I can remember a bit of a stooshie in Victoria as a ‘footy’ team had brought over an American sprinter to help with coaching. He was black.

Now jump forward to 2021 and the stories that are coming out of Northern Territory, and it brings the evil in Australia once again to a new level. The new name for the place Barbaric Australia. I heard a perfidious scumbag by the name of Gunner speak. He has to be one up for criminal charges in the future, along with thousands more from around the world! I have heard they are going to be going from house to house! That has even been mentioned for the Pilbara in West Australia. Once again there shall be a high number of Aborigines there. This is all on top of the concentration camps we are reading about.

Lots of questions for history in all of this! What is behind it all? Who is behind it all? Bankers, Pharma, Satan Gates Cult. Now Gates is a name that keeps appearing, and it would be good to see what connections he has in Australia with advisors and Unis etc. He has that in UK and Germany etc.

But back to the beginning, and as said to me, it is no great shock. I have read a book called Web of Deceit by Mark Curtis, and it spells out the evil in the UK and yank politics, and they were aided by the media. Yes in schools and Unis we are all told the glossy side of history, but they do not touch on the evils that have been done and are still being done and allowed. In the Aussie case they were well taught in barbaric cruelty, so as said comes as no shock. A lesson in history?

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