Together’s Glasgow Public Forum – Today 7pm

Reminder of the public forum taking place today in Glasgow; an event organised by Together.

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Calling all Glasgow residents, workers, visitors – please join us for a public forum to discuss:

* “Low Emission Zones” (LEZs)
* Parking Restrictions
* “20 Minute Neighbourhoods”
* “Liveable Neighbourhoods” (AKA “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods” = road blocks)
* “Active Travel”
* Net Zero

Who benefits? Who loses? Who decides?

* Democratic agreement or imposed from above?
* Citizen wellbeing or income generation?
* Freedom and choice – or enforced restrictions?

With LEZs set to be imposed across Scottish cities, join Together in Glasgow for this timely public debate, with panel speakers including:

Penny Lewis, Architecture and Urban Planning lecturer at the University of Dundee, author Architecture and Collective Life, and former editor of Prospect, the Scottish architectural magazine

Donald MacLeod MBE, Glasgow’s entertainment and club guru, and former columnist for The Scottish Herald, a vocal opponent of Glasgow’s LEZ and “Liveable Neighbourhoods”

Ben Pile, co-founder of Climate Debate UK, which helps the public, journalists and other organisations find the information necessary for democratic discussion about climate and energy policy, author “Clean” Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics and Chair of Together Cabinet Workgroup on Net Zero

Michael Bergson, Glasgow entrepreneur known for Buck’s Bar and Thundercat

Alan Miller, Together Co-Founder

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